Five Streams here we come

Five Streams here we come

Five Streams is an eco village project, founded by Scott Cundill of New Era fame. (Please visit their website and join their worthy cause in clipping the wings of the almighty banksters. They made quite some waves by taking the big 4 South African banks to court over their ongoing securitisation practice where they sell people’s mortgages into “Special Purpose Vehicles” (SPV) but pretend to still be the holder of the debt. New Era has been attacking this practice in general and especially where they are foreclosing on a late paying bond holder (bonded slave) while having in fact no more title to the debt at all. You can see this is up my alley!

oh, how beautiful it is at 5streams
Beautiful views at Five Streams

The concept of Five streams is exactly what I always dreamt of. A wonderful mix of communality and privacy. Every member gets a domain that is totally private and the communal operation of the farm is managed by a farm manager who is also member of the community. All participation in communal activities is voluntary and the farm creates it’s own sustainable revenue.
Of course this communal element will be quite strong if you like the people you live with. But you can be a total recluse if you want and stay on the mountain alone, meditating or looking at the clouds and avoid any human contact if you wish.
Needless to say: All the members we met so far are very, very nice and special people…

Will you be astonished then when I tell you that we want to move there?

Five Streams here we come! (pending approval by all existing members)

Our Place at Five Streams
Our chosen Spot – with Sid the Farm manager and my good old Landy

And what has all that got to do with Orgonise Africa?

You bet we had some orgonite in our luggage and distributed it over the farm well and proper to the delight of all members present:

Orgonite at five streams
Orgonite distribution at Five Streams and our spot marked in purple

Some orgone pyramidsHHGs and about 50 or so TBs found their new place at Five Streams, further enhancing the already pristine energy of the place. Five streams has a crystal clear mountain spring of amazing revitalising water, this alone being reason enough to live there.

Food Forest
Scott and Shiree laying out a food forest

There will be lots more to tell over time and I will do so. In the meantime just visit Five Streams website or subscribe to their neswsletter.

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