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2020 – The world in which we’ll live

2020 – The world in which we’ll live

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Global Warming or Climate Change?

Global Warming or Climate Change?

Global Warming Yadda-Yadda, undisturbed by facts

Why are we so insistent on poking into this Global Warming story? Do we have no heart for our beloved planet? Are we after all secretly in bed with the Oil Industry? You bet I’m counting my dirty petro dollars in some dimly lit back office right now! The story of “Global Warming” is a key element in the present elite’s scare tactics to achieve global government under their control.

It is presented as a heartwrenching scenario where no well meaning individual could possibly resist the call to defend “Gaia” against our own irresponsible destructive belching out of cabon dioxide gases.

“You’re either with us or against us“  is the battle cry first launched in this present round by George Bush Sr. during Gulf War I and repeated by the whole chorus of Rockefeller and Rothschild sponsored eco fascists.

By now you probably know that all the publicly regurgitated  agendae are wrong. I repeat the most prominent ones.

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Orgonite induced desert reversal hits mainstream science

The impending scarcity of water, the growth of deserts worldwide is part of the mind numbing global warming® mantra.

If you have followed our website and other genuine sources of orgone warrior information like you plrobably already know that global warming® is a scam, just like “Swine Flu”, “AIDS”, “Peak Oil” and all those other pet projects of the  New World Order boys.

I have long recommended to read all forecasts in the official media as announcements of the PLANNED AGENDA.

So if they say “it is expected that the next wars in the 3rd world will be over dwindling water resources” you can rest assured that that is the future the think tanks have  prepared for us. They want these wars and they are working towards achieving them by all means.

In comes orgonite worldwide to disturb the agenda: Desert forming, just like glacier melting on the poles is on the reverse.

The proliferation of orgonite world wide may have reached a critical mass whereby those orchestrated global trends are being reversed. Doomsday is not happening.

The facts: Rainfalls and blooming vegetation in the Namib, rivers that have not been flowing for decades in full flood in the Kalahari in Botswana. Malawi starting to plant winter crops because of the improved rainfall since our gifting in 2006 and 2008. Mozambique for the first time producing a surplus crop of rice since war of independence started in the 70s (so last century, hehe)

Maverick scientists are now being brought into position in order to annonce the next fallback layer of deception.

A year or so ago BBC brought a TV documentary with a new  theory called global dimming®. Some obscure scientists in Germany and -if I remember correctly- Israel were used to launch this new spin. According to this theory global warming® is not happening because of the increased pollution from air traffic. (a polite way of saying “chemtrails”)

In other words, the orchestrated opinion and disinformation cloud called open society® is preparing for the time when masses of people realise that the glaciers in polar regions have been growing lately, that most areas of the world have had cooler and more rainy summers and definitely global warming® tends to feel a bit chilly on the ground.

Let us look forward to more of these big agenda plans failing and new fake fall back science being rolled out.

Watch this space…


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