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Another dam "sabotaged" with orgone-ite

Another dam "sabotaged" with orgone-ite
Since our somewhat traumatic experience of imprisonment in Mozambique I’ve been wallowing in a “soft depression”  for a while.  Congrats to the evil forces! If their goal was to slow us down in our orgone-ite (formerly called orgonite) gifting spree here in Africa, they scored a goal or two. But did they win the tournament?
I don’t think so!
Firstly the result of our trip and the successful orgone gifting of  Lake Cahora Bassa has been overwhelmingly positive in terms of the rainfall it has unlocked in the whole region.
another dam "sabotaged" by orgonite warriors, just like cahora bassa

Another dam wall "sabotaged" with orgone gifts: Haartebespoort Dam West of Pretoria

Some of our psychically gifted friends even found that our imprisonment as a “labour of love” has unleashed even greater healing forces in the region than an outwardly successful and “smooth as planned expedition” could have done. I am not prone to much mystical speculation and still believe in the value of good old solid orgone-ite gifting in order to turn whole regions from places of misery and decay into paradisical gardens.

So we want to be back in Northern Mozambique and finish what we started sooner or later.

All these projects are not forgotten.

But in the meantime it may be wise to focus on our home turf and do a lot more work in South Africa. After all, our main push in gifting South Africa has been in the years 2002-2005, thereafter we have ventured out more and more into African countries, trying to expand the cover of positive energy over the whole region.

Of course we can say that chemtrails and excessive HAARP modulations have basically vanished from South African skies and that rains have been quite good with very few pockets of drought remaining. That’s despite however hard the other side may be working on creating these “climate change” conditions in support of the fraudulent “global warming” agenda.

(more global control is of course the main objective there, apart from the anticipated boom of trading in “carbon rights” derivatives)

The South African weather service has acknowledged that general rainfall in the Eastern parts of the country has increased while in the western part there have been parts suffering from drought like conditions.

Let it be known that the EASTERN part is the one we gifted most thoroughly and that we were only able to close an important gap on the West Coast of South Africa in March / April this year.   so the impact of this change on the rainfall statistics is still to be seen.

We take all drought scenarios in our adopted region as a personal affront by the way and feel challeneged to do something about it. We really take it personal!

Haartebespoort Dam is one of the 2 major water reservoirs for Gauteng Province, the economic engine of South Africa with Pretoria and Johannesburg as it’s two majo cities that have grown together into one major metropolita area.  We had plopped a few gifts in there with my first boat before taking it to the Zambezi in Zambia in 2006, but obviously not enough.

Orgonite warrior Friederike

Friederike makes a funny face as we steer towards the dam

The boat was finally repaired from all the damage suffered during our Mozambican adventure and had to be taken for a spin in order to run in the new pistons. So Haartbespoort dam was a natural choice as we are aware that it’s heavily polluted and and infested with algae and water hyacinths.
Another factor that makes it an attractive target is the closeness to the nuclear research facility at Pelindaba, the place where South africa built it’s first nuclear bombs and is now doing research for the pebble bed reactor they are so keen to build.

In flagranti: Orgonite Warrior Georg throws orgonite

In flagranti: putting the orgonite were it belongs!

will orgonite get rid of invasive water hyacynths?

In the background Pelindaba nuclear research facility

I am not sure if the orgone-ite will do something about the infestation with the invasive water hyacinths that are clogging up so many African waters these days. After all it doesn’t help against mosquitoes either. But surely, gifting such a large water body so close to a nuclear facilty will have an impact.

I did drop more than 30 TBs on the terrain of Pelindaba in 2003 btw, when it was much less protected and secured than it is nowadays.

Then they were not yet sure what to do with it, after South Africa had officially reliquished it’s nuclear weapons aspirations. so they wanted to turn it into a “hatchery” business park for innovative new ventures nurtured by the government.
I think now with the global warming scam lending renewed “carbon credibility” to big nukes, they are very busy preparing for a nuclear future here in South Africa.
Another reason why they love nukes so much is the financial investment volume they call for.
The banksters just love to create billions of dollars worth of new debt instruments, (money out of thin air for which they can charge interest) especially if they are guaranteed by a relatively solvent government like South Africa.

Oh, all the money that can be made by creating this debt and then trading it down the bankster feeding chain.

Millions of people producing their own free energy would of course only spoil that fiesta which is why it’s not happening, not because of technical limitations.

pelindaba nuclear research facility: In need of some orgonite!

Zoom onto Pelindaba: In need of orgone-ite

Nuclear energy generation is DOR (Deadly Orgone eneRgy) par excellence. It doesn’t go much more DOR than that. Maybe “Hot Fusion” is worse but that process has not yet been mastered as we all know. We believe that all the cancer and genetic mutation observed around commercial nukes is due to the massive DOR cloud hanging over these sites of accelerated entropy. Just like with the cellphone towers, it’s not the electromagnetic aspect of the emissions that makes us sick. It’s the etheric. That’s why every nuke needs to be ringfenced with lots of Orgone-ite and earthpiped as well.

Someone told us of a guy in Ausralia who publicly stated that a nuclear reaction cannot take place in a strong positive orgone field. Soon after making this information public he was visted by four men in dark suits who told him to shut up.
That was before the grass roots orgone-ite movement became so wide spread and the knowledge of orgone energy so common that it’s now impossible for the darksiders to remove this information from the public realm with such crude measures.
Instead, they have now taken to infiltration and “spin” whereby “false gurus” are planted into the interested community, seemingly promoting the good cause but in fact detracting from the empowering simplicity of basic orgone-ite gifting.
Do not trust anybody who makes orgone gifting sound difficult, OK?
Making orgonite is simple, everbody can do it and everybody can gift their environment with great effect without any esoteric or scientific knowledge whatsoever.

Never forget that!

That’s the first layer of discernment you need to use when evaluating information on the subject.

HAARP soup dissolving after Orgonite Warriors struck

HAARPy sky clearing up after the orgone deed is done

When we drove out the sky had looked a bit soupy, indistinct and “flat” which is typical fo lots of electromagnetic interference. MAssive orgone gifting reglarly opens up such soupy and flat skies, first “exposing” the electromagnetic ripples before it starts forming into distict and well articulated clouds, mostly cumulus.

orgone rich sky after busting Haartebespoort dam

That's how an orgone charged sky looks like in rain mode

This is how an orgone rich sky looks like in the build up for rain. I love it!  You will learn to notice the difference as you start having your own gifting experiences.

150 orgonite tower buster gifted to Haartebeespoort dam in Gauteng

The damage done: Haarties after the "sabotage"

The deed is done: approximately 150 TBs along the border and through the middle. Let’s see if the lake can recover now.

orgonite distributed all over Southern Africa

Southern Africa busted - orgone gifts are blue dots, cloud busters little flags

That’s the status quo of our orgone gifting effort so far. Next year we will adress minow gaps in South Africa and Botswana and look after “special places” closer to home.

If an opportunity for a long distance expedition arises, we will of course take it.


Sexy Vampires – The happy Corporate Soldiers

(Orgone-ite vs. corporate fascism 1:0)

I am often asked how it could be that a small group of elite insiders runs the whole world.

I am not a frontline conspiracy researcher. That means I’m not myself hovering at the cutting edge of true investigative journalism.

I just happen to have read quite bit of good research by others and had a few experiences in my life (amongst others  or recent imprisonment for orgone gifting Cahora Bassa in Mozambique) that confirm the assumption that our world is somewhat tweaked and definitely not as free and “democratic” as current propaganda wants us to believe.

But I don’t claim to be an expert on how the conspiracy is organised technically and legally and certainly my voice on the subject is not authoritative.

Let’s just say I claim my freedom to work on the assumption that the conspiracy is real. Let’s call that a working hypothesis, always subject to correction. I believe that is my “inalienable” right as a thinking and discerning individual. For me that theory works better in explaining the weird reality that is unfolding all around us and that’s what a good theory is all about, isn’t it?

I don’t work on a simple black-and white model of “us and them” either, like “perpetrators here and hapless victims there”. It’s definitely not that simple. All of us together are creating the reality that we experience. But some individiuals seem to be very good at hijacking our creative power and making us help create a reality that serves them and their misguided agenda of control and parasitic domination rather than empowering all of us to experience our full potential for happiness and co-creation of paradise on earth.

I personally do not even care one bit for now, whether the conspiracy is run by alien inter-dimensional life forms or if the countless testimonials to this effect are rather expressing a symbolic description of oppressive thought forms or states of consciousness. In the end it does not even matter where these thought forms originate because all reality is consciousness.

What I’m very certain about is that we are entering a phase in our worldwide deveploment that can best be described as “fascism light“. That is fascism in a hedonistic costume, a wonderful masquerade where conformity dresses as individualism, opression and supression of dissent as “freedom of expression“. George Orwell aptly described this systematic twisting of meaning in language into it’s very opposite in his ground breaking novel “1984″, while Aldous Huxley described the seductive aspect of a happy controlled society in “Brave New World”.

The total brainwashing of the general population, where canned emotions, prefabricated identities and completely controlled choices of pre-arranged experiences in life is cynically sold with slogans like “be yourself“, “be all you can be“!

But how is this possible?

One of the answers to this question is the new species  that has been created in the last few decades:

The corporate soldier!

He (or she for that matter as both sexes are well represented in this set. I just refer to “him” in the male grammatical form for simlicity) is eager to please his masters and his masters reward him well! He is young and energetic and after formative years of training he can be sent anywhere in the world to fix problems in the running of the corporation.(there is only one corporation of course, when you look at it. Let’s call it the “one world corporation”)

In order to achieve that universality he needs to be of a certain unquestioning mindset and in order for this mindset to work all over the world, this mindset must be shared by the receiving structures. (receiving the blessings of corporate rule that is)

How is this enforced?

Only at the fringes of the corporate empire, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, NorthKorea and other not yet fully compliant states or areas of the world is this paradigm enforced with naked violence on a regular basis.

In our daily lives as inhabitants of first world countries or first world enclaves or population bubbles in third world countries (If you were not part of that group, you would not read this because you would not be on the internet, let’s be honest)  the enforcement is by “positive feedback“, a socio-psychological  technique that was perfected by the behaviorist school of psychology, spearheaded by B.F. Skinner and others.

It is simply the psychology of punishment and reward of course. Non – compliant behaviour is punished by social ostracism, narrowing of carreer options and daily harassment by various aspects of “the system”. The system does that automatically without specific input by the elite to a certain degree. The driving force here is it’s need for self preservation.

Compliance on the other hand mostly leads to relative material wealth (but never to ecomnomic independence), peer recognition and ever widening options for more lucrative and “influential” posts in the service of the octopus. As I said: Punishment and reward!

And rewarded they are!

I would say the corporate soldiers are the happiest amongst the sheeple. They are geared for success. They are told and they do believe that what they do is right and necessary, so they have become the executioners of god’s will in the twisted new religion of corporate globalisation.

Being an executioner comes with perks!

He feels he’s on top of the world. London, Singapoore, New York, Shanghai, Moscow, Sidney, Djakarta, Johannesburg, Mumbai, Dubai or the “Green Zone” in Bagdad: All this is his world, where his “rules of enagement” seem valid. He can be plugged in anywhere and start to function immediately.

Frequent flyer miles, preferential hotel rates and a global network of like minded drones to socialise with, wherever he finds himself on this corporate owned planet, make life seem grand and full of promise, even though he’s always in the same space regardless of physical location. Corporate Warsaw is no different from corporate Ulan Bator or corporate Singapoore. Same people, same values, same ideas and convictions, same clothing labels of course. It’s horror! Horror rules the world effortlessly.

The motto of the elite soldier: THINK OUT OF THE BOX BUT STAY IN THE FOLD

(Newspeak for “find new ways for extracting life force for your masters but do not question the purpose of it all)

Energy Vampires

Whenever I meet a representative of this species (and that happens ever so often) I feel completely drained after a while.

The secret of their smug and happy confidence: They live from other people’s energy, just like the corporation’s only justification of existence is to harvest the life energy of all living beings on this planet that it believes it owns.

Successful vampirism can be mistaken for genuine life force at first sight. Vampires hypnotize and seduce their victims. Why is the “Twilight” series so popular with it’s glorification of “sexy bloodsuckers“?  A whole new wave of vampire literature is presently swamping the world and there must be a reason. We are supposed to love vampires, want to be vampires ourselves. Of course the protagonists in “Twilight”, “New Moon” etc. are “good vampires”, meaning they don’t eat humans. I told you it’s all about making you believe that you’re one of the good ones, didn’t I?

Vampires – when they have had their red drink – seem to be powerful and alive. As soon as their last fill begins to lose it’s power they wither away, driven by an insatiable urge for another fix.

Where does orgone-ite enter the equation?

Orgone is genuine life force. Plants in their prime of life do not fall prey to parasities easily. By strengthening the genuine life force on this planet we drive out parasitism. Simple as that and important as that.

There is no more important game on this planet right now!

It’s the only game in town!

With orgone-ite becoming a worldwide traded New Age commodity, people are influenced to think of it only as a means of improving their own immediate space, building their perfect cocoon… That’s of course the insider strategy for containing this movement  which is the biggest real threat to the parasitic new world order since Jesus Christ and maybe Mahatma Ghandi.

It is impossible for them to deny the powerful benefits that orgone-ite has, easily provable in simple plant growth experiments and visual confirmations when busting HAARP installations and ordinary death force transmitters (cell phone towers).

You will notice how this works and learn to discern between the disinfo sites and the ones of  genuine orgone warriors when you watch for one thing only:

The disinfo sites will always shy from the more “combative” aspects of this work. They will stress individual benefits of orgone-ite while not mentioning the necessity to pro-actively stop the murderous New World Order agenda, and the fact that orgone-ite can in fact disable billions of dollar worth of letal death force technology for the price of a few dollars.

David and Goliath re-enacted

We are only at the beginning of this. We haven’t even started reclaiming the major deserts on this planet yet. What has been done so far is mostly a demonstration of principle, although this statement may be unfairly diminishing the impact of the worldwide orgone-ite gifting effort a bit. We should not make ourselves smaller than we are!

It seems we have already broken the spell in parts. Many things that were planned by the NWO have not materialised:

  • Global Warming ain’t flying.
  • The engineered flu epidemics fizzle out without causing the anticipated mayhem.
  • Letal Chemtrails have become harmless puffy cluds in the massively gifted areas of Western Europe, North America and South Africa.

But we need to re-focus and fight the tendency to get lenient and complacent. The work is not done yet, folks!

A luta continua! (the fight continues)

Check for the latest updates on our expedition reports and support the work of Orgonise Africa with direct contributions or by purchasing zappers and orgone-ite products from our online shop.


Has Orgonite already stopped global warming?

orgonite + orgonite + orgonite = global refreshing®

My friend and web marketing coach Simon says I must blog more to attract more vistors to my site and up the search engine ranking this way among many other benefits this would bring. Of course I must use the word “orgonite” a lot because that’s the keyword for which we want a page one Google ranking. And I think we deserve that more than a lot of the disinfo artists you will find on page 1 for “orgonite” these days. After all we are among the oldest and most active orgonite gifters on this lovely planet. In fact the likelihood that someone freshly inquiring about “orgonite” falls into the hands of a government sponsored disinfo artist are probably about 70-80% nowadays. They know, they can’t really imprison us all, at least not yet, so they have to corrupt the network by planting confusion and disinfo.

Please note, the only authentic English speaking orgonite and orgone gifting forum is Don Croft’s Etheric Warriors Forum. Capisce? There is nothing else! Nada!

So blog we must or we shall perish. I accept that, but where from to take all the fascinating thoughts and insights to fill these pages without getting boring or worse still: without driveling marketing copy that will rightfully drive all those away whose minds and hearts I hope to reach? The real danger of internet marketing is of course that everybody gets so obsessed with getting noticed on the world wide web that in the end there is nothing worth noticing any more.

It’s not that an interesting thought wouldn’t cross my mind here and there. But most of the time it will light up on the inner projection screen of my mind and vanish before I have fixated it with the spray-on-varnish of the written word. Maybe I can make it a habit of sharing some ideas here in an informal way, kind of like a diary of thought processes. I’m sure you will let me know when it’s getting boring or blatantly commercial.

OK nuff of that now, let’s talk about Global Warming®.

Part of the big disinfo cloud that Don calls the WTN (What To Think Network) is the creation of fear. Big quantitites of it. The environmental movement was “incubated in a test tube” by the BIG FEAR-BOGUS SCIENCE study “The limits of growth” authored by the “Club of Rome”, an elite think tank created expressly for this purpose and headed by the high ranking Mason and Vatican insider Aurelio Peccei at that time. All very dirty business.

These are the same people that created the mess they are talking about!

Of course we have environmental problems. Of course the horror of polluted rivers and deforested, eroded landscapes can give rise to an emotionial call for change. But the elite who controls the flow of information in our society wants to channel this emotion into a new politically correct eco-fascism, where the most sensitive and receptive elements in society become the voluntary prison wardens of us all, with faces glowing from an almost supernatural zeal and conviction that they do the right thing to prevent a global catastrophe. A lot of the early day environmental activists belived that they were totaly “anti government” and “anti establishment”, not noticing that they were actually run by those same forces from the beginning.

Just think about it:

  • Why has Greenpeace never allowed an open discussion of Chemtrails?
  • Why do the typical eco fascists get so nervous when you mention the possibility of free energy, allowing us to maintain a high or even higher standard of living with drastically reduced impact on our environment?
  • In fact why do they alway get agressive when you show no fear of the future?
  • Why do you always feel so uneasy when they repeat their fearful mantra that the gravity of climate change® may necessitate “draconic measures” in the near future.

The secret is: It’s the draconic measures they’re really after, not saving the environment. That’s why international busybodies get together in large conferences where they “hammer out new frameworks for coping with the climate crisis” (read: draconic measures of course)

Funny enough, the organisers of such conferences like the one in Rio where they hammered out the famous Rio Protocols are invariably organised by men (rarely women) with a distinct BIG OIL and HIGH FINANCE background.

Best Example Maurice Strong, the organiser of the Rio conferenmce, billionaire, oil man and occultist per excellence.

I would not even be astonished if he proved to be a descendant of Federal Reserve co-founder Benjamin Strong.

Now some people for some reason start to notice that a lot of the WTN® reality does not make sense. That’s where the government run conspiracy websites come in. They will present true or largely true information in a panic mongering disempowering way. It’s the next layer of deception behind radical environmentalism.

The following mantras are offered depending on the state of consciousness of the targeted audience. They are like the layers of an onion and the list is of course not exhaustive.

  1. economic fear – “survival concerns”
  2. environmentalist fear – “the planet is going to the dogs”
  3. globalisation fear
  4. fear of an omnipotent occult military alien New World Order

The most important observation about organised deception is that it works only when 95% of the information used in the deception is true and some of it even revelatory.

How could the enquiring mind be led astray better than by feeding it some truth that will get it excited and make it trust the source of the disinfo?

Of course all these fears find nourishment in facts, especially when presented selectively. The only factor that constantly gets omitted by the fearmongers: It doesn’t have to be like that if we decide otherwise. We can chose a different future and many of us have already done that. In stark contrast to the fear mongers we present the same facts with a perspective to empowering action. We would say “This is how they use cellphone towers for mind control and weather manipulation and this is how you can disable them for a few bucks worth of resin, metal and crystals” rather than “Oh my god, they are using cellphone towers for mindcontrol and weather manipulation”. Get the difference?

Global Warming® is a central motif in the drive for total control

and an important pillar in the belief system of scarcity, fear and impending catastrophe.

As we all know by now, most of the catastrophic weather irregularities of the last decades were man made. It’s an orchestrated scenario. The deep secret miliatry has the technology to create hurricanes, (we call them HAARPicanes of course for obvious reasons) droughts, earthquakes and of course Tsunamis (simple as exploding a few fusion nukes on a geological faultline as they did on 25 December 2004)

China has been subject to massive weather warfare in the last few years for example.

So the plan is obviously to amp up these disturbances over the next few years in order to sustain the impression that the weather has gone “out of control” because of Global Warming® . And people who still rely on the WTN for their opinions are swallowing it hook line and sinker.

The bad stuff is all there, it’s real, but it’s not flying as planned. For decades now we have been primed to expect the next great wars to be faught over dwindling water resources on an increasingly dessicated and “overpopulated” (hear the genocidal implications) planet. Larger and larger swathes of arable land are supposed to become deserts while rising oceans due to melting ice caps on the poles are threatening low lying lands. Only imposition of martial law on a global scale would be able to force naughty and incorrible humans to finally completely obey the dictates of the illumined elite who alone in their wisdom know the path of salvation, albeit only for those sectors of world population that have not been classified “useless eaters”. (Henry Kissinger) The ground for popular acceptance of these draconic measures is patiently prepared by the never ending procession of manipulative speech and innuendo. Movies like Al Gore’s “An inconvenient truth”.

Just like Maurice Strong, Skull and Bones Member and ex presidential candidate Al Gore is a High Finance and Big Oil man. He knows just like the others, that we could get our power from the ether and that the whole global warming scare can be ended by a flick of a switch that would power down all the HAARP like atmosheric heaters on land and on the ocean beds.

Since 2001/2002 the orgonite network has constantly grown and is now spanning the whole globe albeit with different intensity of coverage. Interestingly the current “extreme weather anomalies” are happening where the orgonite coverage is poor or not yet existant.

Asia, China especially sticks out as a target of weather warfare. Earlier attempts to create extreme weather patterns over Western Europe like the extreme drought conditions in 2003 or the earlier flooding in Poland could not be repeated since the atmospheric heaters on the Azores and generally on the Iberian Peninsula were gifted as well as a growing general coverage of France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Scandinavia and the UK.

Western Europe is now pretty well covered with lots of gifters active in all countries. Our impression is that Central Europe, most notably Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland are catching on strongly.

Orgone Gifters are increasingly active in some South American countries as well. Chile, Brazil, Mexico, but Latin America is certainly lagging a bit behind and seems to be strongly “defended” by Jesuits and other Brotherhood elements, if you go by the harassment that some of our Latin American compadres are suffering.

We don’t know much about Russia at this stage and certainly mainland China hasn’t seen much orgonite apart from the odd little incursion by western gifters. (Tibet and maybe Bejing and Shanghai)

But work has been done in Japan, Taiwean, Hongkong and Singapoore, so we should be optimistic.

Africa has received lots of Orgonite in the Southern part (as readers of this website would know) and some gifters are active in East Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania with forays into Sudan and Congo.

Kelly McKennon’s (Laozu) special targeted work in gifting energy vortices all over the planet – and thereby creating a positive orgone energy canopy that covers large parts of the globe now at stratospheric altitudes – has certainly played a large role in making large scale weather manipulation more difficult. I had the honour of undertaking one such special orgonite gifting expedition with him here in Southern Africa, covering the countries of Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

All of us who have gifted large areas have noticed the changes that happen. The genmerally fresher feel. we hear about lusher summers in North America, we hear about more rain in Spain and we can tell you a lot about positive changes in Southeren Africa. About rivers that have been dry for more than 30 years flowing in Botswana, about Malawians starting to plant successful winter crops, about Mozambique having a surplus of rice first time cince they plunged into their decades long civil war. This list is not exhaustive, there is so moch more to report. (An I’m trying)

When we came back from our Mozambican prison sojourn in June, we still experienced rain in Johannesburg. This is unusual to say the least. In the beginning of August we had a downpour of 50mm in one day.

This is supposed to be the dry season, right?

Winter this year was much colder, much longer and with a lot more moisture and a vivid and changing cloud cover. Typically winters here over the Highveld were steel blue-grea with a brown tinge from pollution.

These changes are real. I wrote about the grean Kalahari last time. Did you know that the antarctic ice is not really shrinking? What is relly shrinking is the Sahara with new plant growth and more rain rapidly restoring conditions like they must have prevailed in times of ancient Egypt up until about 2000 years ago, when Northern Africa was the grainary of the Roman empire.

Scientists are far from unanimous about the whole greenhouse gas story.

The Global Warming® story does not fly. Orgonite everywhere disables the atmospheric cookers that are the real cause of weather anomalies. The world of orchestrated opinion has already come up with a new backup theory for the time after Global Warming. It’s called Global Dimming™.

According to the newly launched Global Dimming™  theory, increasing emissions from burning petrochemical fuels are dimming the amount of solar ratiation that reaches the earth’s surface. Causing a cooling effect rather than the opposite. Who in the orgonite school of discernment would not see this as a backup-fallback theory being rolled in place for the time when people – after being hammered with Global Warming® for so long - found out that the big catastrophe has not happened.

Stay tuned, start orgonising your own environment and contribute to Global Refreshing® as soon as possible.

Start making your own orgonite or (ahem) you know where to get it, right?


Bruised and battered: Zambezi team in trouble

Dammn, I think we underestimated the logistical and etheric challenges involved in this expedition. Despite careful planning for months.
It took us 5 days to get up to Lake Cahora Bassa, the biggest hydroelectric scheme in Africa, a manmade lake of some 240km length. On the horrible roads up there the wheels from the boat trailer came off 4x and we replaced all ball bearings. That we even made it with the boat relatively intact is a miracle and cost us enormous energy and mental reserves.
Thanks to Tino who is an ex-army pilot with a lot of mechanical trouble-shooting experienmce we managed to get it rolling again and again against all odds.
We did manage to go through Macossa, one of the 5 corners of the satanic pentagram that Francie identified as casting a bad spell over Zimbabwe.
Imagine pulling the battered trailer with my precious boat through dry river beds and rutted dirt roads – phew. The last leg of some 480km took us more than 18 hours to drive.
How elated we were, when we had finally arrived at Songo, the town at the dam wall of Cahora Bassa and checked into our Camping site Ugezi Tiger Lodge.
The boat was tested the next day and found working well.
Now it was preparing for the big jump to Zumbo on the other side of the lake, some 240km straight line.
No infrastructure, supply or rescue in between and even Zumbo only supplied by a once weekly miniferry from Songo.
People who live in the “First World”cannot imagine these conditions.
We got up very early at 4 in the morning in order to have the boat ready at 6. All seemed to go well, except we noticed that the boat was secverly overloaded with all 4 of us on board + 200litres of fuel and 300TBs, a CB and several other orgonites, food, camping gear, etc.
So 2 had to stay back and some Camping stuff unloaded.
Finally Tino and I set out, full of optimism after we had regained the speed and manouverability we would need.
Did a good gifting run along the dam wall and then continued about 40km in direction of our goal.
Then suddenly one of the engines of the boat started losing power.
We checked everything, even dismantled the carburator out on the lake, to no avail.
We had to break it off, as with one engine and the heavy load we were reduced to an unacceptably low speed.
We just made it “back to base”by nightfall.
We felt utterly dejected.
Now a frantic day of fault finding started. 2 seperate people volunteered to look at the engine and helped eliminate one probable cause after the other.
It is quite amazing how people who live so far on the “edge of civilisation” are so much more wuilling to help when you’re in trouble than city dwelle4rs.
People out here count their time differntly.
Finally the only thing left was to strip the engine and see what’s happening inside because all othe causes were eliminated by switching parts around with the healthy engine and findfing they were working. This was done by the lodges gentle and competent mechanic Julio, to whom my heart goes out.
To cut a long story short: both pistons are burnt. We have absolutely no idea how this is possible on almost new engines, but it’s a fact.
Even worse: spare parts are not available in Mozambique and even in South Africa they have to be ordered from the manufacturer in Japan which takes 2-3 weeks.
Yet we don’t give up that easily. My three compadres have now embarked on the slow but safe journey on that once- weekly ferry, a ramshackle pontoon with a shade roof and two ancient diesels that crawls up and down the lake to supply scattered outposts and hunting camps with a meagre tickle of supplies (mostly booze and cigarettes) and bring some locals to far away little fishing vuillages.
It will be more than a week until I see them again, while I’ll explore all possible avenues to get the boat fixed and ready for the rest of the down river journey.

Please boost the Zambezi team and support us in all possible ways.

Georg (Songo, Cahora Bassa, Mozambique)


Want to come on our next Zambezi expedition April 2009?

Want to come on our next Zambezi expedition April 2009?

Our next big expedition will be the continuation of our last great water gifting effort on the lower Zambezi. (see

This time we will start with the gigantic water reservoir of the Cahora Bassa Dam in Tete Province, Mozambique, picking up the thread where we left it in 2007, namely at the confluence of the Kafue River, the border between Zambia and Mozambique.

Cahora Bassa orgone gifting expedition

Lake Cahora Bassa