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Orgonite and Zapper Shop

Here you can find our complete range of Orgonite and Zapper products, hand-crafted with love in South Africa.

We ship worldwide and offer FREE shipping on all orders. (Click here for our shipping conditions.)

What is Orgonite?

Orgonite is a combination of resin, metal shavings and selected healing crystals. 

It revitalises stagnant energy and has many healing benefits both for you personally as well as for the environment. (More about the science of Orgonite here...)

Orgonite will protect you from negative energies, re-energise your home, and neutralise harmful EMF radiation from mobile phones, WiFi and cellphone towers. 

Why buy from Orgonise Africa?

Orgonise Africa has been making Orgonite since 2002. We offer years of experience and the most varied and complete range of Orgonite Products. 

Over the years, we have undertaken many "gifting expeditions", on which we have placed Orgonite in key locations around Southern Africa as well as other countries. We have used Orgonite to reverse droughts and other effects of HAARP radiation, microwave radiation emitted by cellphone towers, and weather modification (ie. chemtrails). (Read about our many expeditions...)

Every piece of Orgonite bought on this website helps our continued effort towards a greener, more peaceful planet for all. (Our Mission Statement here...)

So, whether you are simply looking to revitalise your home and personal space, or want to start gifting Orgonite on a massive scale - you've come to the right place!


Browse our complete collection of Orgonite and Orgone Zappers here:

Orgonite for personal healing

Fine-tuned Orgonite devices for personal application with specially selected crystals, magnets and other energetic components.

Orgonite pendants

We offer a variety of crystal combinations in our Orgonite pendants that not only protect and energise you, but have specific healing frequencies suited to your personal needs.

Cellphone protection

Neutralise harmful EMF radiation from your cellphone, laptop or tablet with our effective Orgonite cellphone shields.

Muti Orgonite

Muti is traditional African herbal medicine. Combined with Orgonite, it is a strong protector against psychic attacks and negative energies; it works strongly grounding and attracts abundance on all levels into your life.

Silver and Shungite Orgonite

Silver is a powerful detoxifier and antibacterial agent. Shungite is a stone that has strong protective qualities against EMF and any negative interference. This powerful combination makes for a beautiful and effective Orgonite range.

Pyramids and HHGs

Our Orgonite pyramids in various sizes each contain single-terminated quartz crystals, which amplify the revitalising effect of the Orgonite. They are ideal for your personal space as well as for gifting massive sources of negative energy.

Cloudbusters and Howitzers

Orgonite Cloudbusters (or Chembusters) are our tool of choice to heal massive areas from the detrimental effects of HAARP, EMF, chemtrails and weather modification. Our Howitzers have the added benefit of pulsed scalar waves to create a strong protective energy field.

Field Orgonite

Here you will find all our favourite tools for Orgonite gifting - the basics for healing your personal space and environment. You can find our range of TowerBusters, Earth Pipes and tools for water gifting here.

Pulsed Orgonite devices

Our Pulsed Orgonite devices create a strong scalar field that protects against electromagnetic interference and psychic spying. They are powerful when used for directed intention and manifestation work, as well as to amplify healing.

Orgonite DIY sets

We offer crystals, aluminium filings and Cloudbuster DIY sets to get you started on making your own Orgonite.

Orgonite bundles

Here you can find our assorted Orgonite bundles suited to your specific needs. We offer sets of Orgonite at reduced prices to get you started the right way!

Our Zapper shop

The Orgone Zapper is your first line of defence against dis-ease. Browse our range of Zappers to find the one right for you.

WaveGenome products

WaveGenome is a product from Russia, developed in the field of russian PSI-research. WaveGenome is a revolution in Quantum Medicine and an incredibly powerful healing modality.


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  • Orgonite Powerwand

  • Silver & Shungite Pyramid

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    Flower Of Love Pendant

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    Tree of Life Orgone Pendant

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  • 3 Orgonite Earth Needles

  • Food charging plate

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    Limitless Orgone Pendant

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    As low as: $21.50
  • The Maxishield

  • Towerbuster Dirty Harry

  • Silver-Sugilite SBB

  • Gold and Lapis Pyramid

  • 2 Orgone Snow Flakes

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