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Flower Of Love Pendant

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Flower Of Love Pendant

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Flower of Love Orgonite Pendant with: Sugar Dolomite, Carneol, Red Jasper, Shungite, Black Tourmaline, Quartz.

Wear for: Liveliness, Strength, Courage, EMF protection, against cramps and body acidity.



The Flower of Love Orgonite Pendant strengthens the spirit and increases liveliness and good spirits.

All of our Orgonite Pendants strengthen your bioenergetic field (Aura), revitalise your body and protect you from harmful influences such as electromagnetic radiation (EMF) or negative energies. 

The Flower of Love Pendant contains pure Sugar Dolomite, which makes the body alkaline, dissolves cramps and improves vitality through increased oxygen distribution. Carnelian and red jasper add liveliness, strength, good spirits and courage. Both Red Jasper and Carnelian are important crystals when it comes to love, and the consummation of love.


The black parts and backside contain the most powerful minerals to protect you from EMF, electrosmog and radiation: Shungite (from Karelia, Russia) and black Tourmaline.

The pendant is attached to a silver clasp with an elegant black thread (made from rubber, not leather!) that hangs just above the sternum. 

Scroll down for individual properties of the gemstones added to this pendant.


About Shungite:

Shungite is a rare precambrian carbonaceous rock of organic origin which has been found in this form only in Russia, in the Republic of Karelia. It bears the name of a small village called Shunga where it was first discovered.

Scientists claim that the stone is about 2 billion years old and it was forming before life existed on Earth. What makes Shungite such a special mineral is that it has a fullerene-like structure. Fullerenes are one of 4 known crystalline modifications of carbon (others are diamond, graphite and carbon).


Fullerenes are among the most powerful and most long acting antioxidants in a human body fighting free radicals which are the main cause of damage to healthy cells.

This makes Shungite a gift of Mother Nature being able to strengthen human immune system. Today it is often referred to as a healing mineral, the mineral or stone of life due to its famous curative and antibacterial qualities. It is widely used in water purification (more and more companies use it as the major filtering element), EMF protection from computers, microwave ovens, TV sets, mobile phones, etc. and energy healing.

Russian scientists have proven that Shungite water is a good remedy against a whole plethora of diseases. If you have skin related diseases, chronic respiratory disease, headaches, backaches, rheumatism or digestive issues, Shungite water is what you need. This explains why Shungite baths are so popular nowadays.

Natural and energy healers consider bringing Shungite to a broader public to be a breakthrough of 21st century in their fields of healing. Shungite, as well as the products made on its basis, are known to contribute to recovery and promotion of growth in living organisms (skin, hair). Shungite stones stimulate and promote most of the Chakras and are a universal body and personal energy guard. It brings emotional and mental balance.

Its perfect filtering and antibacterial properties make it a good natural remedy against the whole list of the disease like high blood pressure, sore throat, insomnia, skin related diseases and many other ones. It is not surprising that the scientists and doctors call the Shungite stone a miracle stone of today!

Like any stone that we use in our Orgone generators, the healing properties of Shungite are greatly amplified and ameliorated by the energy of the basic Orgonite mix.


Healing properties typically associated with the gemstones contained in this pendant:


- Red Jasper: Relieves stress, Grounding and cleansing, Enhances passion, strength and stamina

- Carnelian: Enhances boldness, physical energy, Talisman for success, Courage and idealism

- Black Tourmaline: Talisman of protection, guards against radiation and environmental pollution, grounding and soothing

- Shungite: Powerful EMF protection, Detoxifying

- Sugar Dolomite: Alkalising, Improves vitality through improved oxygen distribution, helps to dissolve cramps

- Quartz: Mental clarity, always used in Orgonite to amplify the Orgone output


This pendant can be combined nicely with beadwork or integrated in some other piece of jewellery.


Size: Diametre approx 36mm, Thickness approx 12mm in centre; slightly lens-shaped.




Please note the metallic tree inlay may oxidize and change colour overtime.

Customer Reviews

Absolutely beautiful Review by Karen
I LOVE IT. Gorgeous pendant. Just got it today and I look forward to testing its powers.
Worth every penny.
Thank you for a very fast service to France (Posted on 10/3/2017)

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