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Gold and Lapis Hamper

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Gold and Lapis Hamper

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A gorgeous Christmas hamper containing A Gold and Lapis Pyramid, Gold and Lapis SBB, Lapis Towerbusters and a Lapis Pendant.

Lapis opens the throat chakra, promotes self-expression and enhances honest and deep communication. Gold leaf is protective, soothing, and a symbol of welath and wisdom.

The hamper comes packed in a decorated basket, packaging may differ from photos.


Luxurious Gold and Lapis Christmas Hamper

This hamper contains all of our favourite Christmas gifts.

This hamper contains:

- Gold and Lapis Pyramid: This powerful pyramid promotes confidence and clarity, and is a strong protector with its added Muti cross.

- Gold and Lapis SBB: Ideal for personal healing and regeneration, the SBB is soothing and gives you a boost of clear energy!

- Lapis Lazuli Pendant: Ideally worn on the throat chakra, the Lapis pendant promotes speaking one's truth, enhances self-expression and personal power.

- Lapis Lazuli Towerbusters: The Lapis TBs will give clarity to any room you place them in, and clear the space for deep and honest communication to take place.

This hamper comes in a lovely basket with additional wrapping and decoration. Please note that the presentation may differ from photo.

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