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Muti Christmas Hamper

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Muti Christmas Hamper

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A powerful gift to give: Christmas hamper containing a Muti HHG, a Muti Brick, 2 Muti TBs and a small Muti pendant.

Beautifully wrapped and decorated just for you!


A powerful gift to give: our Muti Orgonite Christmas Hamper!

This hamper gives all the grounding, protection and wealth manifestation you could ever want for Christmas. Our Muti (traditional African herbal medicine) mixture is aimed to increase your wealth and abundance on all levels, not merely the physical. It is also strongly grounding and will protect from all sorts of negative interferences, from EMF to black magic and psychic interference.

You will receive:

- Muti HHG: Our most luxurious Muti Orgonite, this one will energise and protect your home and increase the vitality and sense of joy in your surroundings.

- Muti Brick: The Muti Brick's copper coil makes it perfect for personal healing and regeneration. Use it on yourself or carry it with you as a travel protector.

- Small Muti Pendant: This pendants enhances grounding and mental clarity, and helps you connect to your roots, as well as protecting you from EMF on the go.

- Muti Towerbusters: The Muti TB enhances grounding in your space and protects you from EMF and other negative interferences.

This hamper comes in a lovely basket with additional wrapping and decoration. Please note that the presentation may differ from photo.

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