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Orgone + Clark Zappers

Welcome to our Zapper Shop!

Here you can find our complete range of Orgone Zappers, Clark Zappers and Zapper products. 


Clark Zapper Essential

Great for powering Pulsed Orgone Devices and Colloidal Silver Makers. Essential Zapper healing without the added benefit of the orgonite components.


Orgone Zappers

The Orgone Zapper is your first line of defence against dis-ease. Wear your Zapper daily for at least 30 minutes and experience much improved health and energy.

We offer a range of Orgone Zappers with different electrodes - the inner components are all identical. 

Orgone Zapper Standard:

Powerful Orgone Zapper with tried and trusted copper electrodes. Very good value for money.

Orgone Zapper El Silverado:

Enhanced with fine Silver Electrodes (.9999 purity) for added antiviral and antibacterial effect.

Orgone Zapper El Dorado:

24ct pure gold electrodes. DeLuxe model for great conductivity and no corrosion.


Colloidal Silver Kit

Colloidal Silver is known to have strong antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties and is considered a universal remedy for many ailments. 

Use our simple Colloidal Silver Kit to make your own at home and experience the health benefits for yourself!

Our Colloidal Silver Kit can be powered by any of our Zappers - together they create a powerful healing kit to have at home!


Zapper Strap

Have you worn out or lost your original Zapper strap? Get your replacement here.


Additional Info

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Go to Zapper Info for all our information on our Zappers, zapping instructions, or read up directly on the Science behind the Zapper.


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  • El Silverado Zapper

  • El Dorado Zapper

  • Colloidal Silver Kit

  • Clark Zapper Essential

  • Zapper Strap

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