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Orgonite Powerwand

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Orgonite Powerwand

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The Orgonite Power Wand - a powerful Orgone Generator used for Manifestation, Radionics, Protection, Energy Healing and Etheric Boosting!

12V adaptor now included.

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The Orgonite Powerwand is an indispensable tool in the collection of every serious Orgone Warrior!

The luxury version is now our standard:
300mm copper tube (76 mm or 3" diametre) with moebius- and spiral wound extra large crystal (160-200 mm), embedded in copper and aluminium orgonite.
Driven by a 15Hz frequency generator (zapper circuit) that is hidden in the bottom of the pipe.

Further ingredients:

- 1 Amethyst crystal
- 4 garnets
- 4 hematite pearls
- pulverised pyrite
- amethyst breakage

This thing is really strong! 
Most people I tested so far can see the energy of the Orgonite Powerwand with their naked and unschooled eyes. I am not talking about aura-sensitive clairvoyants, but normal people like you and me...

A tight fitting leather sleave, previously only offered in the luxury version, is now standard.
We feel that it makes the power wand so much nicer to handle and probaly even increases the energy output (becasue of the additional organic layer around the copper). 

Die typischen Zutaten
Typical ingredients 

The power wand is now equipped with a 12V socket and a 12V wall plug adaptor if you want to run it from the power grid.

- Protection against spiritual and electromagnetic attacks
- Harmonisation and energising of your living environment
- Radionics (Sending out of amplified intentions).
- Distant healing. Stimulation of energy awareness and the ability to dierct energy via one's intention
- Direct healing applications. The strong orgone beam can be used directly for the stimulation of bodily healing processes
This is really looking great!

We have now put the LED that indicates the on/off state of the electric pulser direcly near the big crystal so that you can see if the PW is on or off. In the dark this will give a magical blue sheen through the crystal when your PW is on. 

PW glowing in the dark

The PW in the dark

Read more about our Pulsed Orgonite Devices and their uses and applications right here.

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Customer Reviews

Beautiful device Review by Alfredo
Few days ago I have received my PowerWand Deluxe, as well as my mini PW 35mm. I fired the PW Deluxe up and it's on 24/7. I am a Reiki Master and PhD doing mostly distance healing. I can't say much as of now and I will give a more detailed review after few months. I want to use it for for radionics works and manifestation of intentions. But of course as a protecting device for myself and my family, because recently we got attacks from some bad people which are jealous to us by harassing all of us. I wrote an affirmation/intention and packed it inside the red PW protection.

The mini PowerWand 35mm, I want to bring with me on my trips to other places. Can somebody tell me if there is a problem, if I cary the device in my hand luggage when at the Airport they X-Ray the bag? I am afraid, that maybe they will take it away because they do not know what it is. I lost once a ZERO POINT ENERGY NANO WAND and that device looks much harmless than the PW 35mm.

By the way, I bough many other products to like Zappers etc.

I like all the products of Orgonise Africa, the are real quality products and George and Kate are nice people and very accommodating. (Posted on 6/23/2017)
Great satisfaction Review by Akisha
Hi, I am a Japanese and I am using your Powerwand with the great satisfaction. I am very grateful to you for your very precious products and your very beautiful heart.
Akisha (Posted on 2/7/2017)
Amazing! Review by Martin
Got my PW Deluxe today, i've been wanting one since i started gifting and busting, but have put it aside to invest mostly in fieldorgonite. Finally i got it. It's what you've come to expect from Orgonise Africa, great feel looks and overall quality!
I felt very relaxed as soon as i fired it up. It will run 24/7/365. (Posted on 7/15/2016)
A great device Review by Mahdj
I bought the powerwand to heal myself and my family, we sure have many psychic attacks from jealous people or just bad people in general.
The energy emitted by it, is just overwhelming, my hands are shaking when I hold the powerwand. I have bought some orgonites before but this is the more efficient device ever made, I don't feel dizzy anymore after a day of hard working and I hope to find many applications for it. (Posted on 6/29/2016)
Complete Healing Review by Maritha
I don't know if you can give 2 reviews, but wanted to update on what has worked! I have a friend who was an Army Ranger Paratrooper. He had what he called hamburger meat for nerves in his feet. Had pain for 20 years and was once in a wheelchair. He came over for 3 months almost every day to run the wand from the bottom of his feet. He often would simply fall asleep in the chair with his feet propped on the ottoman. After 3 months he said his feet felt completely healed. Doesn't need the treatment anymore and is now walking 4 miles a day and once a week walks 8 miles. He said recently that he feels he wants to start running again! This is someone between 50-60 and he feels so good he wants to jog again! Your product is so well made, I feel you put love in everything you do! (As a cautionary note, some people we try to heal with it become agitated and refuse the treatment. They clam up and some of them start having muscle spasms. One person who did this is an alcoholic and the other person works in a radiation plant radiating food! Wonder if they don't want the good vibes because they have bad intention?) (Posted on 10/28/2015)
Beyond Compare! Review by Maritha
Well we have had our Wand for several months now and during that time I broke my wrist. This device was essential to healing as it calmed the anxiety of having to be immobile. Only way to explain it was that there was a distinct feeling of this energy washing the tension away from between the cells. With a broken bone all the tendons around the bone spasm and this devise calmed that spasming! My friend came over after a fall with a broken bone in his foot and it relaxed his Achilles tendon so he could walk on his heel again. I think this would be a great thing in a convalescent home or places with bad vibes like jails. We also keep ours on during storms to calm the storms (We live in Texas.). We now have friends coming over to use it after work for tired/stressed muscles. We believe it cleans the environment from WiFi as well. All of us owners need a coordinated day to point it towards Wash D.C. to heal the evil emanating from there. My son is a high functioning intuitive and he got a strong message telling him to NOT point it at the moon upon arrival? So we don't do that! Ours took 3 months to arrive and it was opened in the mail by inspectors and re-wrapped. Glad we got it! Also, we ordered our transformer from: MCM Electronics, Call Center, (888) 235-4692, M-F 8am-8pm ET, Sat 9am-3pm ET -- and the item is: 28-1265, 3V-12V 500mA Universal AC Adapter with 6 Tips, $9.79 USD, plus 7.99 S&H, for a total of $17.78 and we got it in 5 days. We turn it up to the 12V level. Orgonize Africa is a quality company, 5 Star power-packed with good intention!!! (Posted on 6/22/2015)
Unlimited Possibility Review by Lily
My power wand arrived two days ago. Being a Reiki practitioner, I was quite curious and hopeful as to the healing potential with this wand in combination with Reiki practice. The first evening I sent distance healing to a friend with heart and other challenges. The next morning she informed me that she slept well and felt better in general. I slept with the wand pulsing overnight and had a very sound sleep myself. The second day, I visited a friend who was in terrible physical shape, barely able to walk due to a hip issue, also terrible back pain and neck stiffness whereby she could not turn her neck. She was pale and her eyelids were very dark, I initially thought she was wearing a smokey eyeshadow. After working over her trouble areas for about an hour, she became quite animated, the dark shadows disappeared from her eyelids before my eyes, she was able to freely turn her neck and walk without limping. She went out that evening, and was able to have an enjoyable time. This morning she telephoned me to let me know her rosacia seemed to be clearing up. When I returned home that night, I turned the wand to my thyroid area, and something was definitely happening there. Today my husband is in line for a session with the amazing power wand. This device, along with other forms of orgone, is a wonderful blessing to all living beings. I want to add that I obtained a power supply/converter for this wand at Radio Shack. I am using an Enercell, 12VDC, 500mA ACtoDC Power Adapter. (For those in America) In fact, the young man helping me at Radio Shack could feel the energy coming off the wand, and especially after he plugged it in to test the setup. He exclaimed, 'What is this thing?!!' I wrote down Orgonise Africa's website for him. I have a feeling you will soon have another customer. Blessings. (Posted on 3/27/2014)
Protection Review by Janet McCarron
Again, the shopping experience with Orgonise Africa is superb. This product is, like everything else they make, such great quality. As they say "made with love".
For the few of us in need of protection this device is brilliant. It definitely makes a huge positive difference. It works and it is beautiful too. (Posted on 12/31/2013)
questions Review by Cintra Reeve
I was away when it came. Just opened it. I forgot. What does it do?
Wish you would enclose short info with your products.

Comment: some of the potential instructions are a bit sensitive for customs officials to read...
I recommend following article:
(Posted on 12/28/2013)
PowerWand Review by Chad
I recently received my Power wand and have enjoyed its calming energy. I also don't feel the EMF effects from my computer that I experienced prior. Overall, the craftsmanship is superb, and I applaud the opportunity to experiment with this device. (Posted on 8/14/2013)
Power Wand Review by Chad K.
I received my power wand in Aug. of 2013 and so far have enjoyed it's aura of peace and harmony...Because I am not plugged into the matrix, consciously, I suffer continuously at the hands of my peers, employers, and even some family members... All I seek is truth and peace... May my meditation wand bring me a slice of this goal. As of today it has shown it's worth in refreshing my state of mind. Warrior poets unite under humanity and banish the forces of evil in our lives, planet, and universe... (Posted on 8/10/2013)
Great PW! Review by Carlos
I'm am amazed by the energy output of this powerwand. I also love the fact that the crystal pulses with light and glows at night. A good reason to leave this unit on 24/7 and enjoy both the energy output and the light it sends. (Posted on 6/16/2012)
Powerful Review by Carlos
The energy output of this wand is quite remarkable. I like that once an external DC adaptor is plug in, the main crystal lights up with a pulsed light. Very cool!! (Posted on 6/12/2012)

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