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Orgonite Bundles

Orgonite Bundles

We have put together several bundles of essential Orgonite items suited to your specific needs - these attractively priced Orgonite bundles make the choice easy for you.

All Orgonite bundles are 15% cheaper than the items bought seperately even after application of the bulk discounts that would apply to individual items. Whether you are just starting out or want to make a major impact with an Orgonite Cloudbuster and 100 Towerbusters, you will find a bundle that will meet your needs.

The Massive Orgone Starter Kit: Everything you need to start gifting your environment in a massive way. Contains: 1 Orgonite Cloudbuster, 5 Orgonite HHGs, 10 Orgonite Earth Pipes and 100 Dirty Harry Towerbusters.

The Essential Orgonite Bundle: A bit of everything - protect yourself, your home, and your environment with these Orgonite essentials. Contains: 4 Slick Jim Towerbusters, 12 Dirty Harry Towerbusters, 1 Orgonite HHG, 1 small Turquoise pendant, 1 Cellphone Minishield and 1 Standard Orgone Zapper.

The Orgone Jet Set Kit: Start Orgone Gifting or take some Orgonite on your travels with these smaller gifting essentials. Contains: 30 Dirty Harry Towerbusters, 5 Earthpipes, 5 Dolphin Busters, 3 Orgonite HHGs.

The Personal Healing Kit: Put yourself first and do your body and soul some good with this assorted personal healing set. Contains: 1 Standard Orgone Zapper, 1 Orgone Miniwand, 1 Colloidal Silver Kit, 1 Sugilithe pendant, 1 St. Buster's Button, 1 Cellphone Minishield.

Browse our fantastically priced Orgonite bundles below:

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  • Massive Orgone Starter

  • Essential Orgonite

  • Orgone Jet Set Kit

  • Personal Healing Kit

  • Muti Orgonite Bundle

  • Silver and Shungite Bundle

  • Gold and Lapis Bundle


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