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Crystals and DIY

Crystals and DIY tools

Making your own Orgonite is an empowering experience. While making nice and decorative pieces takes some practice, making simple but effective Orgonite for Orgone gifting in your surroundings is not that difficult.

We greatly encourage you to start making your own. In order to get you started, we stock some vital ingredients for making simple Orgonite. From aluminium filings and crystal breakage to the complete Cloudbuster kit, you can find all necessary DIY tools below.

Orgonite DIY is easy

Get yourself a simple muffin pan or a few of them, some aluminium filings, a bit of crystal breakage, some polyester resin and catalyst and off you go. You can make your own Orgonite Towerbusters without much learning and preparation.

We offer several DIY guides explaining how to make your own Orgonite right here.

Browse our range of DIY products and ingredients below:


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  • Cloud Buster DIY Kit

  • 500g Quartz Breakage

  • 1l aluminium filings

  • Cloud Buster Disc

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