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Orgonite for Beginners

Orgonite for Beginners

This category is dedicated to everyone who is new to orgonite. Find out where best to place your orgonite, how to go about gifting your surroundings and which orgonite pieces are essential for your home.

Even if you already have some gifting experience and want to take things to the next level, this is where you will find instructions on how to make your own Orgonite HHGs, your own Orgonite Towerbusters, and much more! 

Stay tuned for more helpful articles and videos and have a look at what we've already put together for you:

Getting started: The beginner's guide to orgonite

Orgonising your home: What goes where?

Make your own orgonite: The extensive How-To guide

Going bigger: The Don Croft-style Orgonite Cloudbuster

The classic arsenal: HHGs and TBs 

Don Croft's gifting compendium: Part 1 and Part 2




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  • The Minishield

  • Towerbuster Dirty Harry

  • Orgonite TB Slick Jim

  • A TB for Cape Town

  • Orgonite Easter Egg

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