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Personal healing

Personal Healing Orgonite

All Orgonite, even the crudest "Dirty Harry" Towerbuster has a healing effect on all things natural. That's the essence of what we are doing here and the central message of this website, too.

Over time, we and others have developed certain applications specifically for greater healing power. The addition of specific gemstones, coils, magnets, and even superfoods to our Orgonite products causes a much more subtle and specific interaction with your bioenergetic field (Aura) than Orgonite could achieve on its own.

The Orgonite devices you can find here are developed specifically for healing yourself as well as healing work on others. 

Have a look:

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  • Orgonite Easter Egg

  • Food charging plate

  • Orgone Dodecahedron

  • Silver-Sugilite SBB

  • St. Buster's Button

  • Colloidal Silver Kit

  • 3 Beehive Boosters

  • Gold and Lapis Pyramid

  • 5 Orgonite Fridge Magnets

  • Lapis lazuli TB

  • Orgone Key Ring

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