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Silver and Shungite Bundle

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Silver and Shungite Bundle

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A gorgeous Orgonite Bundle with our new DeLuxe range of Silver and Shungite Orgonite! Includes Silver and Shungite Pyramid, Pendant, and two Silver and Shungite Busters.

Silver and Shungite have a clarifying, strongly protective, and detoxifying effect. Silver enhances other gemstones' frequencies, and Shungite is a powerful EMF protector.

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Our Silver and Shungite Bundle

Enjoy our new range of Silver and Shungite products all in one go. Silver and Shungite are powerful protective and clarifying components. Silver has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal effects, reflects femininity, and enhances the frequency of all gemstones it is combined with. Shungite is a powerful EMF protection stone from Russia, and is also used for detoxification. It enhances clarity and personal power.

The price of this bundle is calculated so that you receive 15% off our Silver & Shungite Orgonite compared to buying each item separately.

This hamper contains:

- Silver and Shungit Pyramid: This beautiful pyramid will revitalise your home space and provide clarity, connection and releasing of old, toxic patterns and relationships in your life. 

- Silver and Shungite Pendant: The Silver and Shungite pendant is a strong protector to carry with you daily. It protects not only from EMF but also from other negative sources of radiation, psychic interference, or cosmic influence.

- Silver and Shungite Busters: These handy little Busters are much more luxurious than our classic Towerbusters. They are meant to be placed decoratively and will shield your space from EMF while providing clarity and vitality.

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