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Pulsed devices

Pulsed Orgonite Devices

All pulsed Orgone devices, whether the Orgonite based power wands and mini wands or the mobius coil wrapped SP-crystals, create a strong scalar field that has its great uses as passive protection against electromagnetic interference, psychic spying and more.

These fields are so strong that most relatively sensitive people can easily feel them and use them in directed intention work such as distant healing, etheric boosting and manifestation. (Read more about our pulsed Orgone devices here...) 

Use our pulsed Orgone devices to amplify: 

  • Healing

  • Boosting

  • Manifestation...Orgone + Intention = Manifestation

  • Protection

Browse our full range of pulsed Orgone devices below:


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  • Orgonite Powerwand

  • Miniwand 35mm

  • Miniwand 28mm

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