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Tesla Dipol-Pendants

The Quantum Revolution from Russia

Russian PSI research is said to be about 25 years ahead of anything the West has to offer.

(PSI stands for "Paranormal Scientific Investigations")

This is the result of deacades of highly classified and well funded research in the former Soviet Union. Sources speak of up to 500 million USD worth of yearly funding for this research that involved phenomena like Telepathy, Telekinesis, Remote Viewing, Distant Healing, Biophoton research, Kirlian photography and many more.

Other than in the West, where such phenomena are often still viewed as "figments of the imagination", Russian science has investigated these phenomena on the highest levels of state approved academia.

In scientific theory these phenomena have been linked to the advanced theories of quantum physics where phenomena of non-locality, quantum entanglement etc. suggest the possibility of a quantum internet of instant communication regardless of time and distance.

In the 90s during the break up of the Soviet Union, some of these technologies have made their way into the Western alternative healing realm, most famously biofeedback systems such as Metatron and various electromagnetic and pulsed current healing systems, often developed and proven in Russian space medicine.  

In recent years Russia has declassified important parts of this research and thereby opened the doors for beneficial application of these technologies in health related applications, agriculture, weather control and other.

Tesla Dipol Pendants

The Tesla-Dipol pendants are manufactured by Prof. Dr. Dr. Diashev who pioneered the research in in quantum holographic regeneration of cellular DNA/RNA.

The principles are the same as in the Wavegenome Mini Teslas which were also manufactured by Dr. Diashev originally.

The basic pendant is available in an individual and basic generic version. The 3rd version represents the absolute forefront of quantum genetic research and is superior to anything in this field.

We are happy to be able to offer you these products in their now improved version and at much friendlier prices!

The following pendants are available:

- Tesla-Dipol Pendant Type 1 - generic 

- Tesla-Dipol Pendant Type 2 - individual

- Tesla-Dipol Pendant Type 3 - individual strengthened


Please note that the Tesla-Dipol Pendants are not a medical product and not a healing device, do not represent a medically recognised method of therapy or healing, and do not replace a visit with your doctor or medical practitioner. These protective pendants are an excellent addition to medical, homeopathic, and other complementary therapies. The Tesla-Dipol pendants may strengthen the effect of conventional and alternative therapy methods, but we take no guarantee for their effectiveness.

(!) As an Energetic Product, the Tesla-Dipol pendants are excluded from our return policy, except in cases of damage to the product itself. 

Information about Tesla Dipol-Pendants and PSI-Computer Programme from Alexej Diaschew – videos currently only available in german-please use english CC:

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  • Dipol-Pendant Type I

  • Dipol-Pendant Type III

  • Dipol-Pendant Type II


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