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Addicted to discounts?

 Mar 10, 2008

OK, OK, I started this, so I shouldn't complain. I have noticed that a lot of my more regular customers and mailing list subscribers have gotten used to my habit of anouncing discounts once in a while. So they're waiting for the next one. This was of course never my intention, because it means that people are buying very little when there is no discount.

Of course we'd rather have a steady flow of income, than these sudden rushes and then painfully slow periods in between. (Remember we're trying to gift a continent in the meantime)

So, how can I wean you of this dangerous drug?

-Maybe by giving it to you one last time and saying: This is the last time!

- At least make it a bit more unpredictable....

- Only give special discounts on selected items?? OK, I'll try the first variant first in order to see just how addicted you all are to this price stimulus thing. We can afford to do that at the moment, because the South African Rand has lost a lot of value against USD and EUR, so as long as inflation has not eaten up this advantage, I can be a bit generous.

So for the ongoing week, I give 15% off all products, ending Monday 17 March at Midnight (SA time = GMT+2)

You will be pleasantly surprised that for the same reason (weak currency on our side) I was able to lower the shipping costs as well. Depending on shipping method you will find that the costs are automatically calculated 10-16% lower in Euro terms.     This can stay in place until the next rate hike by the post office, expected April 2008.

Check it out at


PS: I promise the next blog will be about our work again, I'm sure all this commercial stuff get's on your nerves already, but it has to be communicated. After all even a "mission with a business" needs some business to accomplish it's mission. In my next blog I'm gonna tell you about the beautyful rains we've been getting in the whole region of Southern Africa, building up since we gifted the Zambezi so massively in April last year.

Please, please please read all our expedition reports in order to understand what we're actually doing.    

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