Donald Trump is the American Dream impersonated. 

Whether you like him or not: He's loud, he's blingy, vulgar and cheap, at the same time seductive and on the other hand pragmatic, perhaps often even reasonable...

Is he the cabal's last attempt to reanimate the corpse-like financial ponzi scheme, called the international financial system? 
Or is he the ray of hope for truth seeking Americans, fed up with the pedophile satanic establishment that's been driving this world towards destruction?

At least there's a certain slim chance he'll be able to stop the confrontation with Russia which would be a good beginning. 
Maybe he even manages to rebuild some infrastructure in the US or re-grow some manufacturing muscle in that hollowed out country. 
I mean, isn't it a disgrace that even iconic products like the Fender Stratocaster guitar (Jimi Hendrix would turn in his grave) now come from China?

I leave that up to time to reveal..

In the meantime, we need to remain steady in our efforts and liberate (liberace) more and more territory energetically. 
So, as Trump-mania/phobia reaches ever new heights, the presence of massive amounts of orgonite in the same US that seems so completely "off the rocker", (a danger to itself and other nations) is promoting ever more truth to come out. 
Be it by increasing leaks, or by involuntary slip-up's of major cabal players like George Soros. (everybody now knows that Mr. "Regime Change" is hiring anti-Trump protesters at 18$/hr)

Truthbombs are exploding left right and center!

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