shining bright: aluminium orgonite

Kirlian photography of aluminium orgonite (courtesy of

The Kirlian photo above shows the radiant aura of a pendant with aluminium orgonite. Aluminium in orgonite has some distinct advantages:

  • The filings are much thinner than those normally produced with iron or copper. That results in a finer alternative layering of metal and resin, making the DOR to OR conversion more powerful.
  • At the shearing surfaces (where it has been shaved off), aluminium develops minute micro crystals that add power to the orgonite.
  • The devices are lighter, hence lower shipping cost
  • Easy to get and relatively cheap (that would also be true for iron filings but they are normally quite clunky)

Of course, all metals have different energy signatures. It would be naive to deny that. Everything has an energy signature. There is no dead matter. That's now pretty much common knowledge. On a certain

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