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Monatliche Archive: Oktober 2008

  1. Some more thought on the present "financial meltdown"

    Oct 24, 2008



    We are like prisoners who notice that their jailers are in terrible commotion and confusion.Our first response is fear: maybe they will not deliver soup for our lunch, maybe our small privileges we slowly accumulated will be gone.

    But have no regrets, no doubts, no fears -- we are on the way to freedom:The walls will fall, the jailers will run away, and we shall be set free!

    Says Israel Shamir at

    The meltdown continues, but what’s melting?

    The meltdown of the corporate mega-parasite continues at full speed. Even mainstream sources are now speaking about the end of paper money. We have been talking of this for a long time and notice with great satisfaction that the general population is staying relatively calm despite the great fear - based propaganda effort, trying to evoke pictures of the great depression of 1929 etc.



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  2. So, what if Manto was 100% right about AIDS?

    Dr. Manto Tshabalala Msimang, the embattled former health minister, had drawn a lot of the inspiration for her "controversial" opinions from the work of Tina v/d Maas.


    Tina, about whom I have spoken earlier here (, is a trained nurse. She has been working in countless AIDS support groups when she came across the potentially disturbing information about the toxicity of those AIDS drugs called "Antiretrovirals" or ARVs that are so loudly promoted by a strange coalition of BIG PHARMA funded Aids activists, the orchestrated press and a plethora of interested parties, mainly from the assortment of NGOs who make a healthy living from pretending to care for the plight of AIDs victims.


    The loudest voice in this strange coalition is the TAC (Treatment Action campaign) fronted by Zackie Achmat. From the beginning this organisation has been pushing for making available ARVs to all

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