The New World Odour doesn't sleep.


Just in case you thought we had already won the etheric war for our planet: That is not so yet. Even though we have made some progress.


They haven't been able to pull of a major 911- like false flag attack in the US or a major "1st world" country for a while and it was not for lack of trying. The planned mass culling of "useless eaters" (us and other non essential individual according to Henry Kissinger) has not taken place on the planned scale, despite formidable efforts to that effect.


These "terrorist" things take logistical preparations.


The Mumbai attacks were orchestrated by the Pakistani secret service ISI on behalf of the CIA and "befriended agencies". Several combat trained groups of Pakistani mercenaries struck in a very coordinated manner within minutes of each other.



The ISI runs "islamic terrorism" on behalf of the

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