The new website has now been up for a week and we are very happy with how it looks and also how it works.


Teething pains


A few small glitches have happened. For example the promised 20% discount was not on the whole period from 25.01 to 31.01. For that reason I have extended it to 7 February. If you ordered between 25.01 and 31.01 and the discount was not deducted, I will give you a credit to the amount of the missed discount for use in future orders.


How do bulk discounts work?

The bulk discounts of 10% for 5 , 20% for 10 and 30% for 30 are per prouct, not per item in your shopping basket. (Some people have apparently misunderstood that)


So for example 30% would apply for 30 Orgone Zappers but

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