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Monatliche Archive: Oktober 2011

  1. Lament for a dictator

    Some of you have been asking me, why I like to write about Gaddhafi or the financial system rather than about orgonite and it's healing effects.

    I do, I do, but to me it's clear that all these events are connected. What we are seeing are the last contortions of the global mega-parasite. I hope at least they are his last ones...Orgonite is part of the solution. Mega-parasites do not thrive in a field of pure positive life energy.I always had this idea to go to Libya and ask the "Brother Leader" if he would like to green

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  2. Global warming is just so not happening

    Is it the orgonite that stopped it?

    The global warmists must be desperate. They should have had their conference in Nairobi where their electromagnetic weather warfare apparently still works (Kenya suffers drought at present and our orgonite activist friends there are constanty beein harassed by the "authorities") or in the Gobi desert. No wonder nobody wanted to agree to massive self sacrificial agreements while stumbling through the snow and ice in Copenhagen. I mean after all, some politicians may still have a human side, ecven if it's mostly "human weakness" that we hear about.

    While Europe, Asia and North America are having their coldest winters in a long time, I love to add my own observations to round the picture:

    • Record rainfalls in the Kalahari, (so called semi desert, now surprisingly lush)
    • Generally rather cold weather for summer, lots of rain everywhere except for a little pocket in the Southern Cape where the rougue military apparently
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  3. Was Fukushima another seabed nuke?

    The jury is still out on what caused the tsunami. My gut says it belongs in the same line of fake events as the 2004 tsunami in Java, the fake quakes in Haiti, Chile, China. This is covert warfare. Some sources like Zuernovah Starr - Livingstone say it was done with sea bed H-Bombs (like Java 2004)The reactor was spiked with small tactical nukes to make it look like the tsunami did it according to the same sources. The leaked radioactivity was then to cover as an explanition for the raised radiation levels due to the original sea bed nukes. Apparently the tsunami did not go off as planned (it was supposed to be 175ft high and kill a lot more people) and so the scam got somewhat exposed. The Japanese government apparently knows who did it and a lot of US military personnel stationed in Japan left very suddenly.


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