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  1. Was Fukushima another seabed nuke?

    The jury is still out on what caused the tsunami. My gut says it belongs in the same line of fake events as the 2004 tsunami in Java, the fake quakes in Haiti, Chile, China. This is covert warfare. Some sources like Zuernovah Starr - Livingstone say it was done with sea bed H-Bombs (like Java 2004)The reactor was spiked with small tactical nukes to make it look like the tsunami did it according to the same sources. The leaked radioactivity was then to cover as an explanition for the raised radiation levels due to the original sea bed nukes. Apparently the tsunami did not go off as planned (it was supposed to be 175ft high and kill a lot more people) and so the scam got somewhat exposed. The Japanese government apparently knows who did it and a lot of US military personnel stationed in Japan left very suddenly.


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  2. It's end times, baby!


     I haven't blogged in a while, to my own detriment, I guess. "Publish or perish" is the accepted wisdom in the industry. And why? Nothing going through my head lately? No, quite the opposite. I often wonder if what I think  is of any interest to anyone. That's an inhibiting thought of course. Probably I'm a bit too shy. Or maybe I have this very high ambition that everything I say should be "words of wisdom". Let's accept then that it's just my Ramblings and Musings. As prone to error of judgement as anybody else's. Lots of stuff been going on. All painted in ENDTIME FORMAT on the large canvas.

    • Fukushima, OK I wrote about that.
    • Fake revolutions in Northern Africa? I posted about it on Facebook.
    • Bombing Gaddhafi in order to "protect civilians" and thereby taking the world's cheapest oil off stream for a while. I didn't..
    • All FIAT currencies crashing down with some mighty noise.


    Fukushima wa

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  3. Global Warming not happening either


    The next of the crumbling pillars of the current NWO mind control script is the dual complex of  "Global Warming" and the expected (read: planned) "Wars over Water". Very recently I read that powerful figures in the US openly propose to make it a criminal offence (aka "hate speech")  to question or doubt the alleged fact of Global Warming. Will the crime be called "Global Warming Denial"? This would then put it o the same level as the Holocaust dogma of which not a single detail may be questioned however well documented the contrary evidence may be. (The end of history as a science based on free enquiry of fact) After all: The post WWII order of Europe and the world rests on blind acceptance of this dogma. Let us enjoy our last moments of free speech, which is after all the true foundation of freedom and prosperity. You will notice the difference

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  4. Orgonite and consciousness

    The "protophysical" (predating the physical) effects of orgonite are pretty well documented by now. "Before and After" pictures of clearing/dissappearing chemtrails, HAARP clouds and the like have been published by orgone activists all over the world and show that something is changing whenever we put orgonite out in the environment, especially near emitters of harmful radiation. Various plant growth experiments have been conducted and have shown the vitalising effects of orgonite, stimulating plant growth and strenthening plant health. Also lots of anecdotal evidence (see some of the testimonials on our website) has been published about subjective effects on humans, from just generally stimulating energy levels to "miraculous"
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  5. Operation Atlantic High

    End of July the AMA-Wellness Center in Kortrijk, Belgium, asked us to organise a group order of 30 CB bases at cost price. As we were busy with the project, that grew to 42 CB bases, (They got their own cuper tubes and cut them themselves) more than 500 TBs und various other orgone tools.


    The AMA-Wellness Center is connected with the Belgian Belfort-Group, an organisation that campaigns amongst other issues against forced vaccination, the Codex Alimentarius and Chemtrails.


    We believe that Chemtrails are nowadays much more harmless than in the beginning of massive spraying, (see CBSwork's classical movie in this respect) when millions of people came down with respiratory diseases.


    We, (the orgone movement in general)

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  6. Glorious little nibblers – gulf oil scare scam exposed

     Quote of the day: "The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over."
    -- Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Minister.

    Why on earth must I always spoil the fun when the eco fascist fear mongers have found another scare crow and world population holds their breath in predictable engineered fear? Don't I have a heart for the environment? Am I in cahoots with the oil industry after all?

    I mean, honestly: why all this ranting against Global Warming, Peak Oil, Water Scarcity etc.?

    Wouldn't it be nicer and smoother for me to snugly swim along with the general feelgood crowd that verbally embraces a

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  7. A Visit to Credo Mutwa

    I have known Credo Mutwa since 2001 when I stumbled over David Icke's video tapes "The Reptilian Agenda", which consist of a 6 hour interview with this wise and knowledgeable man. I devoured and absorbed every minute of this interview then, despite the poor sound quality. When I was offered the opportunity to accompany Dr. Joubert (who had been helping in making this video) on a trip with Credo and Virginia to rural Mpumalanga I did not hesitate for a second. This was very much in the beginning of all that waking up that has happened to me in the last 9-10 years.


    I was subsequently able to visit him a few more times when he was still living an hour from Johannesburg. Although these encounters were not so many, they left a deep impression on me. His

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  8. Debunking the debunkers – Nathan Geffen and the TAC

    Nathan Geffen, a leading activist in the TAC (Treatment Action Campaign) has recently published his book "debunking delusions - the inside story of the TAC". It is intended as a celebration of AIDS orthodoxy's final victory over AIDS denialism in South Africa, the victory of "science based medicine" over "Quack-ism". But is all well in the camp of the advocates of Antiretrovirals? Do they have any scientific basis for their allegations of ARVs being "life prolonging drugs"?

    "My body is a machine"

    To fully understand the mentality behind the outgoing mechanistic paradigm one should savour this introductory statement by Geffen:

    "Most of us understand little about how to treat our ilnesses. we also do not know how to repair our cars when they break down...
    ...We depend on health providers to make us better and often have, a
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  9. Shy about our Orgone Zappers?

    Jun 10, 2010


    Why are we not making more noise about our zappers? The orgone zapper, if ever distributed on a massive scale could well revolutionise health care. But we don't really like to make generalised claims. We can't and we would definitely be punished by the international health Nazis who are just waiting for a pretext to close down everything that really works. Did you realise that the use of colloidal silver has just been outlawed in many European countries? So the only thing we can say is what we know and that's the experience of people who have used our zappers.

    Interior of orgone zapper

    I'm not even very good at collecting the emails that I get from happy zapper customers,

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  10. Peak Oil Scam – Expanding Earth – Orgone swirls

    What is the connection between "peak oil" the "growing earth theory" and "orgone energy"?


    Peak Oil is not happening (just like Global Warming)


    "Peak Oil" is an essential part of the present illuminati narrative, designed to introduce more fear and thus control. But is it based on any scientific evidence? Just like its twin brother "Global Warming", it is apparently based on very little real evidence. That hollow feeling starts with the theory we westerners have been fed from childhood on: Oil is of organic origin, formed by decomposing plant matte

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