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Moneyfesting orgonite pendant

Money Magic-Anhänger

Orgonit zum Manifestieren von finanziellem Wohlergehen

Moneyfest HHG

Moneyfest Brick

Orgonite 4 abundance

Boost your money flow with this beautiful desk adornment. Real banknotes + orgonite = manifestation on steroids! 

It's magic! My recommendation: Use as a paper weight for important documents related to your personal money flow, Such as investments or just a printout of your bank statement. Available in 4 colours or if you order 4 as a set at a reduced price, you get one of each colour.  



36,82 €
Verfügbarkeit: Auf Lager
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Moneyfesting = manifesting financial abundance with orgonite 

This nifty little block consists of shredded banknotes on top of the orgonite base. We have found that orgoniite boosts manifestation and intention. Since time immemorial shamanic practice has been to use some close representative of the target of any intention work as a transmitter. 

You may know that a hairlock or a piece of clothing is often used to conect to the desired entity. So this block will connect you to the energy of money. Keep it on your desk, use it as a paperweight on any papers relating to money and see the abundance flow into your life.

Underside: shwe-shwe print fabric for protection of polished furniture surfaces.

Dimensions: length - 107, width - 60mm, height - 15mm
(This product is handmade and the final product might differ slightly)


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