Angelino-Orgonitanhänger für verstärkte Intuition und psychischen, mentalen und emotionalen Schutz

Angelino Orgonite

Red Star Orgonite for Courage and power

Red Star Orgonite

Pop Art Orgonite

Fun to wear fashion orgonite pendant for creativity, vitality and artistic expression. Strengthens the heart and root chakra and furthers fertility

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The Fun Way Of Enjoying Orgonite

This fun filled and easy to wear fashion orgonite pendant will literally lift you off your feet. Enhancing your vitality on all levels by strengthening root and heart chakra.

Promoting vital energy, fertility and creative expression!


  • Orgonite Matrix
  • Quartz crystal  
  • Red Jaspis
  • Mangano-Calcite
  • Pink Tourmaline
  • Hematite

35mm diametre


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