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Pop Art Orgonite Pendant for Vitality and Creative Expression

Pop Art Orgonite

Coeur d'Or orgonite pendant for unconditional love, self love and self acceptance.

Coeur d'Or Orgonite

Red Star Orgonite

Powerful Fashion Orgonite Pendant for courage, confidence and determination. Strengthen your ability to maintain independence under adverse condtions!

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A star inspiring strength and determination

The Red Star has been the symbol of the Red Army and now the Russian Army for over 100 years. 

An old Russian saying goes: "Russia has only 2 friends: The army and the navy". The saying is so old, it doesn't mention an air force..

While nobody in their right mind would want Soviet commununism back, the symbols and graphics of that era are still touching on powerful emotions and pop up in contemporary fashion again and again.

In other words, this stands for your ability to maintain your independence under adverse conditions. 


  • Orgonite Matrix
  • Quartz
  • Green Aventurine
  • Transvaal Jade (Chrome Glossular)
  • Amazonite 

Dimensions: Thickness - 10mm, diameter - 34mm
(This product is handmade and the final product might differ slightly)