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Demise of the “New world Order”

May 14, 2010

I like what this dude has to say. Former CIA operative rants on the incompetence and futility of the "new world order" project, insolvency of America (goes for the rest of the world as well, of course) and the easy solutions to it. Doesn't I endorse the guy from hair to toenail, it's just such a refreshing perspective and confirmation of what our psychic friends feel in the chatblasts. The beast is standing on hollow feet of clay. We need to take the planet back and we can, because they cannot kill us all. They would quicly run out of hands who would be willing to enforce their rule if  they were forced to show their hand like that. It also confirms my general optimism about our planet and our future.  One of the big disinfo jobs going down these days is government run "Conspiracy sites" like Jeff Rense that go on and on about how mean and dangerous the NWO is and what horrible capabilities they have.


I just like it how this guy describes the famous "Bilderbergers" as a bunch of "wannabees" and "havebeens". So it's refreshing to hear again how essentially powerless they are if "we the people" decide to inhabit our lovely planet without their pompous "guidance". What I keep saying is we need to get our governments to respect our various constitutions and we're already half there.

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