Orgonite for healing the environment or gifting orgonite

Orgonite - the 8th world wonder

Orgonite magically transforms stagnant negative energy (Dr Wilhelm Reich called that DOR or Deadly Orgone energy) into vibrant, positive energy. (POR or Positive Orgone energy. In our understanding, Orgone Energy is the primordial creative energy from which the visible universe is formed or manifesting.

The ancient Greeks called that the Ether, the Chinese call it Chi and the Indians Prana. More modern concepts are returning to an ether-like understanding of the world. Think of quantum fluctuation, zero-point energy and related ideas. You can find more on this on our info pages

Authentic Orgonite!

Real orgonite is made from resin and metal filings. The first orgonite, pioneered by Carl Welz, did not contain any crystals and was very effective. It was originally the inspiration of the late Don Croft and his psychic muse Carol to add crystals when Don adapted the Wilhelm Reich Cloudbuster in 2001 and made it into the new orgonite CB. 

Orgonise Africa has been producing unique and high-quality Orgonite since 2002. Use Orgonite in your everyday life to protect yourself from "electrosmog" and harmonise the energy in your environment. On a larger scale, we have been using Orgonite since 2002 to facilitate massive environmental healing in Southern Africa and worldwide. You will find reports of our travels in the Expedition Reports category.

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  • What is orgonite - orgonite history - fake or real orgonite

    Orgonite Info

    What is Orgonite?
    Orgonite for Beginners
    History of Orgonite

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  • Orgone Zapper

    Orgone Zapper

    The Universal healing tool
    Your first line of defence
    against disease

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  • orgonite protection against emf

    EMF Protection 

    Orgonite protection for 
    mobile phones, wifi routers,
    5g antennas and smart meters

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  • orgone pendants for personal protection and wellbeing

    Orgone Pendants

    Orgonite protection on the go
    Shielding you from EMF
    Strengthening your biofield

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  • Healing Orgonite

    Healing Orgonite

    Increase vitality
    Heal you body
    Energise your food

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  • Orgonite pyramids and cones

    Pyramids HHGs

    Powerful orgonite in cone- or
    pyramid shape for home 
    and outdoors use

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  • orgonite cloudbuster, chembuster, orgone howitzer

    CBs And More

    Powerful orgonite cloudbuster,
    orgone howitzer for large 
    scale environmental healing

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  • tactical orgonite - ammunition for the orgone gifter

    Tactical Orgonite

    Amunition for the orgone gifter
    Orgonite for environmental healing
    Towerbuster, earth and similar

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  • African Magic - Muti Orgonite

    African Magic

    We call it Muti Orgonite
    Muti means medicine all over
    Southern Africa

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  • Buy orgonite in a preconfigured bundle and save 15%

    Bundle Deals

    Orgonite in bundles
    Harmonic configurations
    You save 15% 

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  • Pulsed orgonite for manifestation

    Pulsed Orgonite

    For manifestation,
    Distant healing
    and protection

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  • Shungite - the Russian wonder stone - works great in orgonite


    Shungite, the wonder
    stone from Russia
    works great in orgonite

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  • Manifest (Moneyfest) Abundance - Orgonite with real money


    Manifest abundance
    in your life
    Orgonite with real money 

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  • Make your own Orgonite

    DIY Orgonite

    Make your own 
    Orgonite. It's not

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  • G.A.N.S orgonite, Plasma orgonite


    Plasma orgonite
    Keshe orgonite
    Potentizing reach 

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  • Orgonite specials of the day


    Orgonite Specials
    of the day
    Check often!

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  • Orgonite gifting expeditions by Orgonise Africa


    Orgone Gifting adventures 
    in Africa and the world
    Best orgonite proof

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  • Orgonise Africa Blog

    My Blog

    Current events

    Musings and rants

    Orgonise Africa updates

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  • Orgonise Africa Blog


    Background Info

    Expedition reports


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