Orgonite for healing the environment or gifting orgonite

Orgonite - the 8th world wonder

Orgonite magically transforms stagnant negative energy (Dr Wilhelm Reich called that DOR or Deadly Orgone energy) into vibrant, positive energy. (POR or Positive Orgone energy. In our understanding, Orgone Energy is the primordial creative energy from which the visible universe is formed or manifesting.

The ancient Greeks called that the Ether, the Chinese call it Chi and the Indians Prana. More modern concepts are returning to an ether-like understanding of the world. Think of quantum fluctuation, zero-point energy and related ideas. You can find more on this on our info pages

Authentic Orgonite!

Real orgonite is made from resin and metal filings. The first orgonite, pioneered by Carl Welz, did not contain any crystals and was very effective. It was originally the inspiration of the late Don Croft and his psychic muse Carol to add crystals when Don adapted the Wilhelm Reich Cloudbuster in 2001 and made it into the new orgonite CB. 

Orgonise Africa has been producing unique and high-quality Orgonite since 2002. Use Orgonite in your everyday life to protect yourself from "electrosmog" and harmonise the energy in your environment. On a larger scale, we have been using Orgonite since 2002 to facilitate massive environmental healing in Southern Africa and worldwide. You will find reports of our travels in the Expedition Reports category.

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    Orgone Zapper

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    Healing Orgonite

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    Pyramids HHGs

    Powerful orgonite in cone- or
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    CBs And More

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    African Magic

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    Pulsed Orgonite

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    Shungite, the wonder
    stone from Russia
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What is orgonite?

Orgonite is a material that you can use to protect from the negative influence of electromagnetic radiation and generally enliven and revitalise your environment. Read more here.

What is orgone?

Orgone is the universal life energy known as prana, chi, ether, zero point energy, elan vital, animal magnetism, and many other names used to describe this phenomenon. What is the difference between orgonite and orgone? Quite simply, orgone is the name of the energy, whereas orgonite is a material compound that restores and enhances the free flow of the universal orgone life energy. Read more here.

What is orgonite made of?

It's a compound material made of resin (mostly polyester and epoxy) and metal filings. Typically you will add quartz crystals and other minerals to this compound to enhance the energy flow and healing properties.  However, the original orgonite, as invented by Karl Weltz, did not contain any crystals and was still quite effective. 

How does orgone energy work?

On a fundamental level, orgone is all there is. If we equate orgone with the old ether concept, all matter is formed as vortex-like turmoils of that ether.  According to Dr Wilhelm Reich, orgone exists in a state of flux (that is what Wilhelm Reich called Positive ORgone or POR) or stagnation (which Wilhelm Reich called Deadly Orgone or DOR because of its toxic life negating quality).  DOR is a significant cause of cancer and other ailments. The hard electromagnetic radiation from cellphone towers, radar installations and even nuclear power plants has one thing in common: It hammers the ether into that state of stagnation or DOR.  This is the reason for the hazards caused by EMF, and it is the etheric effect where the orgonite brings massive relief. Wilhelm Reich attempted to elaborate on his functional understanding of the world and create a new physics called "orgonomics".

Can orgonite be harmful?

Unless you throw it at someone, it cannot be harmful. If someone feels uncomfortable in the presence of orgonite, it is because orgonite can provoke quite drastic detox reactions.  The body immediately starts getting rid of toxins with intense positive orgone energy. I have seen people starting to have running noses, sneezing and all kind of other symptoms immediately after being exposed to orgonite. People of a parasitic and negative mindset often feel very uncomfortable in the presence of orgonite.  What is the difference between orgonite and classical Wilhelm Reich orgone technology? Wilhelm Reich's orgone accumulator and cloudbuster were powerful tools to collect and concentrate ambient orgone energy. Orgone energy, as we understand it, is always present either in its positive, life-enhancing state as POR or Positive Orgone energy or in its stagnant negative form DOR or Deadly Orgone Energy. Experienced Orgone researchers must handle Wilhelm Reich's pioneering tools as they can also concentrate the negative form of orgone if it is prevalent at the experiment's location. Orgonite will always convert negative stagnant orgone into alive and positive POR. It is, therefore, foolproof and can be made and used by every person on this planet to improve the ambient energy field. The worldwide network of orgone activists is the best proof that orgonite provides a truly self-empowering option to everyone who cares about our planet.

What is the range of orgonite?

It isn't easy to name an exact range of influence because theoretically - as in quantum physics - it is unlimited. The range at which a specific orgonite tool still affects visible or notable change depends on many factors. Most importantly, the degree of electromagnetic pollution, the orgonite's size and configuration, and many other subtle or not-so-subtle influences. In 2004 we found that placing two cloud busters and 2-300 tower busters in the relatively underdeveloped country of Uganda created observable effects over hundreds of kilometres. The following distances have been established as safe bets after years of experience:

What is the range of an Orgonite Towerbuster?

1 or 2 Orgonite Towerbuster, such as the simple Dirty Harry, can neutralise a standard cellphone tower at about 500 m/yds distance

What is the range of a Holy Handgrenade (HHG)?

One orgonite HHG or medium orgonite pyramid will still effectively neutralise a cellphone tower from about 2-3 km or 1.5miles

What is the range of an Orgonite Cloud Buster?

One standard orgonite CB will have an observable effect within a radius of 50km or 30 miles at least. Still, it can be much farther, depending on the intensity of electromagnetic interference in the area.

What about the properties of different metals in orgonite?

In principle, orgonite can be made with any metal. The main criterion for the energy conversion effect strength is the number of alternating resin and metal layers.

Is aluminium in orgonite harmful?

We have found no evidence for any adverse effects from aluminium. All the often dramatically positive results documented on this site have been achieved with standard aluminium orgonite. That is polyester resin, aluminium and quartz crystals with sometimes other gemstones added.

Why are you using aluminium in your orgonite and not other metals like steel?

We know that a negative sentiment against using aluminium in orgonite is spread from certain corners. Inevitably the people who spread such disinformation are not part of the original movement inspired by Don Croft, nor do they typically engage in large-scale gifting. In our experience, aluminium works best for strong orgonite because the shavings obtainable at engineering shops are relatively fine and have the finest layering results. Also, aluminium forms fine crystals at the shearing surfaces when you shave it off a solid bar or block, and these microcrystals seem to contribute to the orgone generating effect. Iron does work, but the shavings obtained are often chunky and thick, resulting in heavyweight creations that achieve the same effect as a relatively lightweight tool. Other metals may be added for their specific finer resonances for personal healing tools. These include gold, copper, brass, silver, titanium etc. As with gemstones and crystals, you will enhance the finer energetic properties of any material by adding them to orgonite.

How to charge orgone pyramid?

Orgonite does not have to be charged. Other than crystals on their own, the orgonite is constantly producing positive energy by converting DOR to POR.

Where should I place the orgonite?

Generally, orgonite is very foolproof and will pick up negative energies and convert them no matter where it's placed. So in a way, your intuition is your best guide. But there are some general recommendations to sort out your house. (if you live in an apartment, apply accordingly) You can do this with a few simple towerbusters. Read our general recommendations here

Does orgonite help against negative energy lines and geopathic stress?

Many experienced dowsers have found that orgonite does transform negative energy lines or "geopathic stress lines" into conduits of positive life-enhancing orgone energy. Read more about this here.

Why is orgonite banned?

There have been rumours about banning on Etsy or other platforms. As far as we can see, such allegations have no substance. The orgone community is thriving. However, there have been attempts by the original inventor Karl Welz and his associates to trademark the term orgonite. They did this after the term entered the public realm as a generic term, and the orgonite community mostly ignored this.

Is orgonite illegal?

While orgonite is undoubtedly in some way "subversive" in that it quickly disables particular secret (and in themselves highly illegal) technologies of the "secret deep state". However, as it is composed of entirely harmless substances and conventional science does not recognise its effects, you can hardly consider it illegal. Of course, it is essential not to make exaggerated claims regarding the effects of orgonite. We present our personal experience as is and invite our friends and customers to become co-experimenters in this journey of discovery. We have been exporting orgonite to all the world and rarely experienced difficulties. This is not to say that certain dark side elements of the deep state would not try to sabotage the orgonite movement, especially the efforts of serious gifters. We have spent time in African prisons twice under very unpleasant conditions when busy gifting in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Deep state elements organised these incidents to intimidate us and stop us from doing our highly influential work.

What is Orgonium?

Orgonium is an alleged alternative to orgonite promoted by Gerard Bini, who frequently experimented with orgonite. He claims it is far superior to orgonite and makes many negative statements about orgonite. While we never dismiss the possibility of improvement or new technologies, his negative statements would invalidate our experience. Sure, science cannot be decided by a majority vote, but so far, I see little evidence to support his claims.

What is orgone theory?

Dr Wilhelm Reich developed the theory of orgone energy in his book "The discovery of orgone – the function of the orgasm". He postulated universal life energy similar to the luminous ether in it. In Wilhelm Reich's understanding, orgone energy is the universal creative life force or anti-entropic principle. Everything from atoms to galaxies is made out of orgone. The natural movement of orgone energy is in spiralling waves, a pattern we observe on all scales from the swirling atoms to the spiral of andromeda.

How do you make orgonite?

Orgonite is a mix of metal filings and resin. You put metal filings into a mould and pour resin to fill all the cavities. After curing, this forms a compound matrix of alternating layers of metal and resin.

What resin is best for orgonite?

Most people use polyester resin, but you can also use epoxy resin.

What is Reichian therapy?

Wilhelm Reich developed several therapeutic concepts during his life. Starting as a classical psychoanalyst, working closely with Sigmund Freud, he began looking at the physical roots of psychological disorders. IN the 20s and 30s of the 20th century, he developed vegetotherapy, designed to remove muscular blockages (armouring) that held back suppressed emotions and experiences.  After creating the concept of orgone energy, he started treating people with orgone accumulators and other orgone devices, achieving astonishing results such as complete remissions of cancers. 

What is Orgonomic therapy?

Orgonomic therapy comprises exposing the patient to high concentrations of orgone energy. Typically you would do this by seating the person in an orgone accumulator for some time. The idea behind Orgonomic therapy is that most diseases result from blocked life energy and that flooding the system with positive life energy will help the body regain its natural functionality and ability to self-heal.

Who invented the orgone accumulator?

Dr Wilhelm Reich invented the Orgone accumulator in the late 1930s and early 1940s.

What is an orgone accumulator?

An orgone accumulator is a box (primarily wooden) with alternating layers of metal and organic material such as paper, cotton wool, cardboard etc. The more layers it has, the stronger the orgone concentrating effect. Orgone accumulators are often built-in sit-in sizes for therapeutic application on people.  

What is an orgone pyramid?

The orgone pyramid is an orgone generator or orgonite device in a pyramid shape. Typically we embed five quartz crystals in the orgonite matrix, one pointing at the tip of the pyramid and the other five embedded close to the bottom, pointing in the cardinal directions. A particular case of the orgone pyramid is the orgonite cone or HHG.

Why do you use a pyramid?

 While orgonite is effective in any shape or form, the pyramid has an energetic signature that amplifies the effect, especially when aligned to the cardinal directions.

Why do I need orgonite?

Orgonite is the universal cure-all for everything, honestly. How could you live without it?