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1l aluminium filings

1 litre of aluminium filings for the orgonite maker.
1 l is about right for 10 TBs or 2 HHGs. For a CB you should have 8-9.

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Orgonite maker's aluminium filings

  • Simple as that: Aluminium filings by the litre.
  • There's about 4.5 litres in a gallon.
  • 1 litre will make about 10 TBs or 2 HHGs, depending on size of course.
  • These are the same filings that we use in our orgonite.
  • There are traces of brass and copper and maybe some steel in it as well.
  • We recommend to order these only if you haven't found an adequate supplier of larger quantities in your area, as aluminium filings are ususally cheaper to souce locally in large amounts.