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Gold and Lapis Pyramid


Silver-Sugilite SBB

3 Beehive Boosters

A revitalising boost for our beloved honey bees.

These specially developed Orgonite Beehive Boosters will vitalise your beehive and protect your bees from EMF and electrosmog - which are among the main causes for mass bee deaths. 

Set of 3 Orgonite Beehive Boosters with: Lavender, Rose quartz, Quartz

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Strengthen and protect your bees and beehive with these soothing Orgonite Beehive Boosters.


Bees thrive on Orgone energy and the recent problems of sickness and mass death of bee populations are a sure indicator for a lot of very bad energy out there. EMF radiation caused my cellphone towers is one of the main contributors to this electrosmog "grid" that the sensitive bee populations can't survive.

Of course any Orgonite will help the bees, but these have been specifically "spiced up" to achieve maximum effect and positive stimulation of happiness and health in your beehive.

Apart from the hexagonal shape, corresponding with the beehive's honeycomb structure, we have added Rose Quartz, ordinary Quartz and Lavender blossom.


Benefits typically associated with the ingredients in our Bee Boosters:

- Quartz: amplifies the energy generated by the Orgonite

- Rose Quartz: Soothing, Lowers stress and tension, Promotes nurturing

- Lavender: Soothing, Eases restlessness, Diffuses trauma


Bee populations, particularly those kept in cities, though this also applies to those in the countryside as electrosmog is almost omnipresent at this point, are currently overly agitated. They seem to react negatively to the high tension of the EMF radiation present everywhere, which leads to them producing less honey and effectively dying out. Another effect of this massive agitation is an overheating of the beehive core temperature itself, which leads to entire bee populations dying out. 

The soothing ingredients of our Beehive Boosters are meant to counteract this agitation.

Place 3 around each hive. (You are buying a set of 3 with this product)

Dimensions: height - 29mm, diameter - 38mm
(This product is handmade and the final product might differ slightly)