Orgonite Towerbuster Dirty Harry

Towerbuster Dirty Harry

Orgone Generator The Holy Handgrenade - a classic piece of orgonite designed by Don Croft in 2001

Orgonite HHG

3 Orgonite Earth Needles

These 3 Orgonite Earth Needles are ideal for Neutralising geopathic Stress.

Orgonite is fast becoming the tool of choice for dowsers because it is so effective in neutralising geopathic stress.

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Ideal for Neutralising any Form of Geopathic Stress.

Orgonite is rapidly becoming the tool of choice for dowsers and house clearers.

Orgonite Earthpipes are particularly effective for neutralising geopathic stress lines or any negative energies in the ground. Other than the traditional copper rods, the Orgonite Earthpipes infuse the fault line with positive Orgone energy rather than making the bad energy merely jump over the affected person's house. 

Read more about it here in Tino Putego's article.

Our large Earthpipe is very strong and can also be used for secret technologies underground (UG bases).

If you have negative stress lines going into your house, the much more economical choice would be this set of 3 22mm earth needles.

Like the bigger Earthpipes, these Earth Needles are partially filled with Orgonite into which a coiled crystal is embedded. The crystal's tip is pointing towards the hollow end that will face downward.

Further ingredients:

- Black tourmaline: A talisman of protection, Very powerful stone against EMF and other negative frequencies

- Red jasper: Relieves stress, Grounding and cleansing, Enhances passion, strength and stamina


Dimensions: height - 22mm, diameter - 20mm
(This product is handmade and the final product might differ slightly)

Weight approx 330g

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