I have told you about Tina v/d Maas before. Just type "Tina" in the search box on the right to read previous posts about her.

She's probably the most hated person to the pill pushing cartel of lies that runs the official AIDS story in South Africa because her simple nutritional detox programme has restored 1000s of "full blown AIDS" cases and sufferers from many other diseases to full health.

Just recently a very good friend of mine came back from a visit to her parents in Germany with very bad news: Her father was ill with a terminal cancer of the liver.

The doctors had given up the case as untreatable and predicted the death of the dear old man (he's in his 80s) within 6 months.

My friend was very depressed.

We told her to bring her father out here where we would introduce him to Tina and make him whole again. This we did and after 10 days on Tina's programme my friend had a first blood test done.

The results were so dramatically

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