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Monthly Archives: June 2009

  1. In the Crocodile's mouth (Part I.)

    The Great Zambezi Expedition Plan

    It was meant to be another Orgonise Africa expedition like many before… only bigger and better: The Great Zambezi Expedition No 2. In 2007, I had ‘gifted’ the Zambezi along the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe for about 600 km. Now we wanted to follow this great African river further; down to the sea, all the way through Mozambique – and even connect from the delta to Vilankulos, where my previous ocean-gifting acivities had reached so far. The previous Zambezi expedition had already produced wonderful results; namely increased rainfalls in Southern Zambia and Northern Zimbabwe. Together with the recent gifting of lake Malawi, we hoped to achieve a real breakthrough with this expedition.

    Water gifting on a large scale has the potential to energetically ‘liberate’ whole regions – and when I mean regions, I’m talking large parts of subcontinents like Southern Africa, not just a few counties in a small European country. I’m talking of

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  2. Back home after 53 days in hell

    Yesterday night we landed back home in Johannesburg after a 53 day ordeal in Mozambican prison. We are relieved and still confused. Was all this real? It seems so mad and unbelievable.


    The hysteria - the media coverage - we were in fact engaged with the whole country of Mozambique in a "trial by media"!


    First accused of "sabotaging the dam" with an unknown and dubiuous substance to which corrosive and poisonous qualities where ascribed, then pronounced innocent even by the prime minister of Mozambique as early as 8 or 10 May, only in order to linger in jail for another month. "Let the competent authorities do their proper investigations", a euphemism for "Let's fry them in jail for a bit longer, 't will teach them a lesson"


    to be continued...

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