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Monthly Archives: September 2009

  1. Copyright for the word orgonite?


    Just while we are happily travelling in the US of A, a well placed strike at our legs was undertaken in order to dislodge us.


    (Oh how they love to hack away at our legs when they think we are not in a position to strike back)


    This time suddenly all of our products listed on ebay that contain the word "orgonite" in their description were struck fro the listing by Ebay on insistence of one Karl Welz who claims he has trademarked the word "orgonite".


    Most people here in his network  have probaly never heard his name and that says something about the validity of his claim to fame, doesn't it.


    We and also Don Croft have always given him credit for first having used this term, but basically it's a variation of the generic term Orgone, first introduced around 1942 by Wilhelm Reich.   Adding the recognised English suffix -ite doesn't make it less generic, does it? 


    It's a pity that Karl Welz never followed t

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  2. In the crocodile's mouth – Part II


    In the first part I told you how an optimistic and ambitiously planned orgonite gifting expedition landed us in prison in Mozambique. The story is interesting not so much because of it's pity factor (poor us for having to endure 53 days of detention under quite harsh conditions, at least by first world standards) but for the major publicity it created for the cause of orgonite and the interesting interaction between us detained orgone warriors and the highest institutions of the Republic of Mozambique, namely the presidency and the office of the prime minister.

    I shall try to use an as much as possible chronological format from now on, in order not to get carried away and confused.


    Sabotage, espionage, terrorism: orgone warriors accused of unspeakable crimes


    Monday 20 April


    We soon realised that our situation was much more serious than we first thought. Somehow police interrogators all over the world are qui

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