The article below is presently making the rounds on the net. If the information is true, it would confirm what our friends in the Chat have already seen psychically. I'm talking about the chat in the German Forum now. I'm not sure if the EW-psychics have identified the same.

Precedent: Java 2005

We are pretty sure that the Tsunami on 25 December 2005 that devastated Java was a nuke.

There's not only "psychic seeing" as evidence but quite a bit more. Reports in the Indian "Times" about the untypical seismic signature of that quake were augmented by a first hand report from a friend who was there as part of a German rescue team. They measured heightened radiaoactivity on the beach and found that the corpses of the victims were not eaten by sharks and other fish, as there were no such fish around.



Haiti Earthquake caused by nuke?

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