I haven't blogged in a while, to my own detriment, I guess. "Publish or perish" is the accepted wisdom in the industry. And why? Nothing going through my head lately? No, quite the opposite. I often wonder if what I think  is of any interest to anyone. That's an inhibiting thought of course. Probably I'm a bit too shy. Or maybe I have this very high ambition that everything I say should be "words of wisdom". Let's accept then that it's just my Ramblings and Musings. As prone to error of judgement as anybody else's. Lots of stuff been going on. All painted in ENDTIME FORMAT on the large canvas.

  • Fukushima, OK I wrote about that.
  • Fake revolutions in Northern Africa? I posted about it on Facebook.
  • Bombing Gaddhafi in order to "protect civilians" and thereby taking the world's cheapest oil off stream for a while. I didn't..
  • All FIAT currencies crashing down with some mighty noise.


Fukushima wa

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