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Monthly Archives: October 2012

  1. Zappers and the FDA

    Feb 10, 2012


    When truth is a lie and lies become the truth


    Again and again we are asked if our zappers will cure this or that disease which puts us in a dilemma. Under the increasingly draconian rules of the international "health fascist" regime of FDA and their BIG PHARMA SPONSORED consorts, it is considered legal to put neurotoxic artificial sweeteners into food and still call it organic, but not to make any claims of medical benefits for any product "unapproved by the relevant authorities".

    Lately a distributor of good old cherries had to feel the brunt of this regime when he claimed what everybody even slightly educated in natural health knows: That cherries help with joint pain and inflammation...

    In other words: Selling a product like the zapper is fraught with some delicacy.

    The so called health authorities are becoming increasingly belligerent when it comes to any alternative

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  2. Breakthrough Energy Movement

    29 Oct 2012


    Ready for the Breakthrough?


    The idea of Free energy and Orgone are closely related. Zero point energy or space energy, overunity and the new understanding of physics that is necessary to allow for the possibility of such technologies belong to the same strand of "awakened" perception and thinking. Orgone is just another name for the sea of constantly moving and fluctuating energy out of which all matter and conventionally measurable energy is lastly composed. We are standing on the brink of a total revolution of our worldview. As I have pointed out in countless

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