The picture is from Cizre, Turkey, a majority Kurdish inhabited town.

The establishment is becoming more and more shrill in it's pronouncements and attempts at establishing open fascism are becoming more and more obvious. While truth is coming to the fore, the economic foundations of the outgoing paradigm look more and more shaky. The real economy is beyond faltering but speculative bubbles reach peaks due to injection of almost zero interest fiat money into the great casino. This cannot go on forever and we all feel that.

Just look at Turkey, a major NATO ally and aspiring EU member to see what could soon happen in your country. Journalists who expose the truth and all opposition politicians summariily branded "terrorists" and locked away at will... Wow! Is that the democracy we've been bombing Libya, Syria, Iraq,Yugoslavia, Vietnam and many other countries for?

Expect more and more "terrorist attacks" (there are no terrorists unless approved by CIA, Mossad, MI6

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