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Monthly Archives: July 2016

  1. Electro - Hypersensitivity and Parasites

    Our incredible well researched friend Tino Puthego from Botswana brought up this idea in a talk we had a few months ago:

    Why are some people hypersensitive to EMF and others not? His explanation was: 


    We have all heard that most people are infested with parasites to a higher or lesser degree. Hulda Clark - widely credited with inventing the zapper for health purposes - made the combination of parasites and toxins out as the source of all major diseases. 

    Parasites: We all have them to some degree - but zapping keeps them to a minimum.
    We all have them to some degree: Happy parasites in your intestine

    Now here is Tino's explanation: The presence of strong EMF fields stimulates these nasty little critters to be

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  2. Russian PSI research

    Orgonise Africa has now teamed up with internationally recognised researcher Irene Caesar Phd., sole authorised represenatative of the Moscow based (formerly top secret)  Scientific Research Institute for the National Security for all sales outside Russia and founder of Wavegenome (among many other credentials), to bring the results of this amazing research to South Africa and of course to our international clients.

    Says Irina:

    "The Institute was founded in 1937 as the central and secret institute for the development of the information-wave technology in the Soviet Union under the name of "Scientific-Research Institute Energy" (Научно-производственное Объединение Энергия) with 5,000 scientists, under supervision of the National Security Agencies of the Soviet Union. The Institute was developing devices and services for the first persons in the State, militar

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