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Monthly Archives: June 2017

  1. Is this really orgonite?

    I have deliberately not influenced this selection.

    70% of what you see there is not really orgonite, even if it looks very pretty. Orgonite is not "crystals and coils decoratively suspended in clear or coloured resin".

    The basis of all orgonite is the matrix of aluminium shavings (or other metals, but aluminium works best) in resin.
    Even without the tiniest bit of quartz crystal this is a powerful energy converter and the basis of everything else. The acceleration and revitalisation of stagnant ether (DOR) happens in the border zone between the aluminium shavings and the resin. The more such layers can be had in a given space, the stronger wil

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  2. Not all that glitters is gold...

    We use many different stones, metals and other "secret ingredients" in our Orgonite products. 

    The most basic ones are the aluminium filings contained in the Orgonite mix, and the Quartz crystals that we always add. They enhance the effect of the Orgonite and make what is already a fantastic tool into an even more powerful Orgone generator.

    In previous posts, I've spoken a bit about the additional gemstones we use, such as Lapis lazuli, Tourmaline and Shungite. Today, let's go in the other direction - and have a look at the metals!

    Silver is obviously well-known, and yet I feel that its healing properties are not spoken of enough. 

    Not only do we use it for the el

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  3. New: DHL shipping from Germany

    We have reached a new step in our evolution: For too long we had to watch with dismay as our customers often got charged outrageous amounts by the courier companies for importing our parcels into the EU.

    Not only the VAT and customs fees, but there were also always associated charges for customs clearing and handling. That now falls away for all EU destinations.


    Katharina is in the process of registering a company in Germany that will become our sales and shipping agent for the EU and Europe in general. 

    Until that is fully functional, you can still order without the German VAT of 19% and we carry the import VAT. This will change after Easter. So in actual fact, yo are enjoying a 19% discount by ordering now.

    Free shipping of all orders over 125 EUR, 100 GBP, 130 USD

    For our other international destina

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