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Monthly Archives: May 2018

  1. Orgone alchemy

    So what's really happening?

    We can only speculate because we have no access to sophisticated metereological equipment. We rely on the 3 faculties of
    1. observation
    2. reasoning
    3. intuition (and then reasoning again)
    When we introduce massively positive orgone energy into an area that has been under heavy chemtrail attack, we often see the chemcrud dissolve within minutes. The process is silent, not accompanied by hefty winds and nobody has ever complained about any detectable fallout.

    The pictures below show a typical sequence of chemtrails being dissolved by Orgone energy. it was taken in the coastal town of George, Western Cape, South Africa. The sequence happened within 30 minutes after and while we were
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  2. Definitely no hour zero in Cape Town

    The long lasting drought affecting Cape Town was touted as a catastrophe of world wide impact. With dams reaching their lowest levels in decades it was supposed to be the first time a major world city would run out of water. 
    Being naturally suspicious of all such announcements and always applying the test of replacing the words "prognosticated, anticipated" et cetera with "planned, wilfully brought about", I already thought that some deliberate mismanagement of the water supply plaid a major role in making sure it would be a good crisis, something to move Agenda 21 forward a notch. 

    In case you're new to this: Agenda 21 is the superficially well meaning UN-agenda for sustainable development, spawned in the aftermath of the Rio conference on sustainable development. Based on the flawed science of "global warming" caused by "greenhouse gases", it seeks
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