Definitely the world has entered a phase of instability. You can see that on the geopolitical level with confrontation between the established powers that ran the world since at least the end of the cold war and the new emerging superpowers China and Russia reaching previously unknown pain thresholds.
In "Western" countries popular anti establishment movements get more and more votes and form governments that seem to be resisting elements of the "New World Order Agenda".
Even the Trumpster, however much he seems to act like a bumbling fool, got swept to power by the same trend. Some still think he's playing the fool only and in reality it's all some kind of 5 dimensional Chess game and he's in charge of it.
We shall see. "By their deeds shall they be judged"
Definitely, by thrashing his arms around so wildly he helps demolishing old structures that do not work any more.
There is a lot of "tension in the system" (which is essentially a pyramid scheme at the end of
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