Don Started everything!

Without him there wouldn't be orgonite cloudbusters, HHGs, Tbs, Orgone zappers, SP-crystals or power wands. There would not be such a thing as an orgonite gifting network. 
Most likely we'd still be swallowing unadulterated chemtrails and be hopelessly lost in a maze of DOR based electromagnetic mind control fog. 
He was always extremely modest and humble, while keeping a very special sense of humour. He never became conceited about his role as the chief instigator of this whole thing that we call the orgonite network. 
He didn't want to be seen as a “guru” or “leader” and to a point you were successful with that.  There are now many people who make and use orgonite and barely know about him. 
However, he was a leader, want it or not, because he was leading by example.
Integrity and truthfulness being the hallm

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