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Monthly Archives: January 2019

  1. Rain for the Karoo!

    Some parts of South Africa have been experiencing serious drought conditions in the last 3 years. (while we were a bit distracted and focussed on other ventures) Some of this may be natural fluctuation, some of it not.
    As you probably know, we are not buying into the mainstream "global warming" story. On the other hand we are very aware of the reality of large scale weather manipulation efforts, using technologies like HAARP and Chemtrails. Our website is full with references to these, in case you are not yet up to date with that type of info.  Orgonite has a proven track record of neutralising the effects of these hidden technologies.   

    The Karoo is dying

    With droughts it's a weird thing. Once you know you are really in one, it's almost too late.

    This is due to the hopeful nature of us humans. We always hope the r

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  2. Can you measure Orgone?

    It is difficult to quantify the ether state that we also address as positive (flowing) or negative (stagnant) Orgone energy.
    Wilhelm Reich tried it and so does a guy in Canada who makes a “life energy meter” (www.heliognosis,com)
    All these methods have one thing in common, they measure some physical values and try to infer back to the state of the ether. (zero point or vacuum energy)
    I doubt that this is always meaningful.
    The effects of Orgonite are much better observed in their effects on the sky when gifting cellphone towers and in the effects on plant growth.
    Please refer to these 2 pages for more info:
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  3. What to do about the new 5G towers

    Orgonite's next challenge: 5g everywhere! 

    Many people are worried about the new 5g stations springing up in their neighbourhood. Generally we think it's not really a new danger, just more of the same and getting more intense as we speak. Massive overload of microwave radiation causes stagnant ether or DOR (Deadly Orgone Energy) condition which is detrimental to our health, wellbeing and clear thinking. It fogs up our consciousness and that may well be part of the agenda behind it.   

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