Orgone Energy is nothing more than pure lifeforce energy. And Orgonite serves to harmonise, revitalise and amplify this energy which is inherent in everything. It brings movement into stagnant energy fields, but also acts as a carrier frequency for anything that is added to it, such as crystals, healing herbs – or thought.


Over time we have found that the addition of crystals, metals, symbols and herbs to the basic Orgonite mixture of resin, metal filings and quartz crystal is incredibly effective and offers a variety of benefits depending on the properties of the ingredients added. For example, shungite adds a strong protective benefit to the overall transformative value of the Orgonite. Orgonite acts like a carrier frequency for whatever else is added to it.


Because it is such a great energy amplifier, Orgonite isn’t just great for neutralising cellphone towrs or for protecting your home – it’s a fantastic aid in manifesting, visualising and med

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