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Monthly Archives: January 2020

  1. Karoo Orgonite Expedition Update

    Karoo Orgonite Expedition Update

    We definitely think the Karoo needs more attention. It is quite likely that a lot of weather modification technology is still secretly active there, similar to what recently happened in Australia. I hope the Australian Gifters will take care of the now clearly identified HAARP bases. The Karoo is the only place were we still get frequent reports of massive chemtrails from. (Yes, there are some in Western Cape still, but it's not major)

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  2. The Battle Plan - Rain for the Karoo

    The Battle Plan - Rain for the Karoo

    Orgonise Africa preparing for next expedition to the drought stressed Karoo. First successes have brought first rain in parts of the aroo this week. We want to make this permanent.  

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