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Rumblings and musings

  1. The Web of Light

    The Web of Light

    What if the universe was even more exciting and inspiring than we thought?

    Metaphysics is the best physics 

    Mechanistic science works on a certain level, but like the Russian dolls, it is contained within a broader, more holistic energetic understanding, which in turn is contained within a spiritual understanding. 

    How do the following things fit into our physical worldview? 

    • telekinesis
    • telepathy
    • remote healing
    • clairvoyance
    • alchemy
    • Homeopathy
    • Manifestation through prayer or intention
    • Radionics
    • Free energy / space energy
    • God
    • The miracle of creation
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  2. When the cookie crumbles

    Supervillain or philantropist and visionary entrepreneur?

    How would you even spot a real supervillain? It's not like they'll dress up in a costume and have a German accen like the movies, is it?

    For many years I have been wondering what it will look like when this whole haunting clown show comes to an end. 

    Here are a few thoughts at the end of the year.

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  3. In the Summertime

    Climate hysteria going over board now

    All over the world we are being bombarded with alarming news regarding ever new alleged heat records. The planet seems on fire if we follow the narrative, but is this really so? 

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  4. Is Freedom a dirty word now?

    declaration of independence - freedom or tyranny

    In a crazy twist of meaning, freedom lovers are now called "fascists" by some, when the true meaning of that word is actually the merger of state and corporate power.
    And isn't that what we're seeing before our eyes?
    Especially since March 2020, when the elites brought us the bio-security state with total censorship in public-private partnership, now predicably merging into the 3rd world war with austerity, de-industrialisation and depopulation. 
    This is exactly what fascism means. Of course, what we have now is a new packaging, a new brand:
    Instead of stormtroopers marching in lockstep, the enforces now come with with pink or green hair, demonstrative sexual explicitness (as long as you don't procreate, because that's now verboten) and the "you can be what you want" - madness of identity confusion.

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  5. Truth seeping through the cracks

    Orgonite is a truth bomb of note

    The spiritual application of orgonite is just as important  as the "technical" one, the neutralisation of DOR caused by hard electromagnetic radiation. 
    Just now, when the battle between us humans and our dark overlords has reached a decicsive stage, this work is more important than ever. 
    We will often not be able to safely determine the battle lines and the who-is-who in this metaphysical war for the future of humanity.
    That's where the concept of trust and faith comes into play. 

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  6. Peak Mordor - The tipping point

    peak mordor - the tipping point

    "The night is always darkest before dawn" is an old saying that holds so much truth. Another analogy is a battle where the cordite smoke and the general noise can be so overwhelming that the combattants don't even notice a change of tide. Still people are dying and all these horrible things but the dynamics have changed. Imperceptibly at first, our (earth humans') side is surging to end victorious. 

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  7. Zapping against that devillish prick?

    Zapping against that devillish prick?

    This post is going to be controversial with all the censorship going on around CV19 and vaccines. Who would have thought that we would ever have to duck and dive in order to express our opinions in those allegedly "democratic" countries most of us live in? 
    The people who brought us the plandemic are now out and about trying to get everyone vaccinated with their experimental RNA-shots as soon as possible, putting enormous pressure on people with promises of relative freedom once you have accepted to become a lab rat for them. Many corporate companies even threaten dismissal of those who don't get the prick. 

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  8. Orgonite against Tyranny

    Orgonite against Tyranny

    From time to time it is good to reflect on the origins of the orgonite movement. It really started as a counterinsurgence against the tyrannical "New World Order". 

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  9. Wild Wild World

    Only weeks ago people peacefully demonstrating for their civil rights were not allowed to gather in groups bigger than 15 and now suddenly we see mass riots that are de facto endorsed by all globalist governments and aligned corporate media + the whole "woke" PC crowd who were not hesitating to destroy your very existence by enforcing draconian lockdown rules and taking your rights away 5 minutes ago .

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  10. Corona Madness

    Corona Madness

    Please put me in any environment where 100% of people are infected with this virus and I will not be the least afraid. I'd be taking lot's of vitamin C and wear my zapper most of the time and I'm willing to take the bet that nothing will happen to me. All this mummery with the biohazard suits is just for creating this atmosphere of total fear, preparing the ground for the next moves towards total control. 

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