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5g emf

  1. Corona, 5g und Orgonit

    Corona, 5g und Orgonit

    Viele Leute haben über einen Zusammenhang zwischen dem 5g-Rollout und dem Auftreten von Corona-Hotspots gesprochen.
    In vielen Fällen hat dies zu "Maschinenstürmer - Aktionen" besorgter Bürger geführt, die in vielen Ländern neu installierte 5g-Antennen in Brand setzten. (Wir befürworten solche Gewalt nicht, weil wir glauben, dass wir eine bessere Option haben).  
    Gleichzeitig stellen wir fest, dass die Zensur aller Inhalte, die 5g und Corona verbinden, in den sozialen Medien auf einem absoluten Höhepunkt angelangt ist. Sogar unsere bezahlten Google-Anzeigen für den 5g-Equalizer wurden plötzlich nicht mehr zugelassen.

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  2. Corona 5g and Orgonite

    Corona 5g and Orgonite

    A lot of people have been talking about a connection between the 5g rollout and the occurrence of Corona Hotspots.
    In many cases this has led to "luddite actions" of concerned citizens setting newly installed 5g antennas alight in many countries. (We are not advocating violence like that because we think we have a better option)  
    At the same time we see that corporate censorship against any content connecting 5g and Corona is at an absolute all time peak. Even our paid Google Ads for the 5g Equalizer have been disallowed suddenly.
    Since censorship is a sure sign of system insecurity we can see this almost as an admission of guilt. 

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  3. 5g Equalizer against EMF overload

    5g Equalizer against EMF overload

    Everybody is talking about 5g

    5g is not a completely new threat, rather more of the same. But it's ubiquitousness gives it a new quality and can easily lead to an overload, eapecially for electrosensitive people. So we need a stronger tower buster, especially for those antennas near by our home and work place that affect our wellbeing directly; So here's the 5g Equalizer. A amped-up tower buster with a load of extra powerful radiation absorbing minerals added to the tried and tested orgonite mix!  

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