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Orgonise Africa Blog

  1. What's wrong with Extinction Rebellion?

    What's wrong with Extinction Rebellion?

    The science of CO2 causing global warming is complete BS. CO2 is good for us, it's good for the plants. Every greenhouse gardener in the Netherlands pumps CO2 into their greenhouse in order to enhance plant growth. Leaf cover of planet earth has actuually increased by 10-20% in recent years. So has Arctic ice cover. There are changes, but they have very ltlle to do with CO2.

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  2. Gifting orgonite as a political activity

    Key to the understanding of this deliciously awkward and liberating concept is the notion that people are ‘embedded’ in an etheric matrix, an ocean of subtle energy that is all around, in and through them. We still prefer to call this etheric energy ‘orgone’, because Wilhelm Reich (who coined the term) has taught us so well in understanding the functioning human being with his irrational motives. The quality of the orgone has a direct effect on the human animal and his conduct, emotions and thought processes.

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  3. On the road again

    On the road again

    Orgonise Africa hitting the rod again in order to wrestle with the big drought in the Karoo. 2 more Cloudbusters deployed and waiting for rain.  

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  4. 5g Equalizer against EMF overload

    5g Equalizer against EMF overload

    Everybody is talking about 5g

    5g is not a completely new threat, rather more of the same. But it's ubiquitousness gives it a new quality and can easily lead to an overload, eapecially for electrosensitive people. So we need a stronger tower buster, especially for those antennas near by our home and work place that affect our wellbeing directly; So here's the 5g Equalizer. A amped-up tower buster with a load of extra powerful radiation absorbing minerals added to the tried and tested orgonite mix!  

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  5. Swamped in Fakery and Distraction

    What's happening in the orgonite scene? 

    We suddenly see fake orgonite everywhere. Pyramids with lots of beautiful stones, sometimes coils, but barely any metal filings, thus not orgonite.  Is this a deliberate move by the "powers that be" to crowd out real orgonite and thereby render the movement ineffective? 

    The problem is that all these fakers are putting out seductive messages and over time a whole generation of orgonite users gets acquainted to these fake optics and starts demanding these pretty but totally wrong designs as a must have. 


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  6. Extinction Event

    Extinction Event

    Orgonise Africa is under attack - we need your help and support more than ever or we'll go extinct after 17 years of successful work - seriously!

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  7. Dinosaur Egss

    Dinosaur Egss

    The changing frame of reference for the orgone movement sometimes makes me feel like a dinosaur. I still believe that orgonite's main purpose is to defeat the New World Order gang in their quest for total psychotronic brainfogging and secret weapony like chemtrails, HAARP and mindcontrol towers aka cellphone masts. Does that make me a pterodactylus orgonotus of sorts?     

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  8. Why Orgonise Africa

    There are many people now making pretty pyramids and calling them orgonite. Often they are not really orgonite but just pretty collections of gemstones in clear resin. We have started making orgonite in 2002, right then when the whole orgonite gifting movement was started by Don Croft.

    Since then we have gifted vast areas in Africa, Europe and North America with more than 25,000 small orgonite pieces and over 100 Cloudbusters.

    Our orgonite business, sending out authentic quality orgonite all over the world, has made this work possible. 

    Video "the prisoners of orgone" by Stuart Buchanan

    We pride ourselves for having the most complete collection of classical orgonite tools. 

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  9. Free Shipping is back!

    Some exciting changes that I want to tell you about: 
    1. We have been listening to our customers world wide and decided to bring free shipping back. So from now on all orders over 100 British pounds, 135 USD, 120 Euro or 1900 Rand go for free. The reason for this threshold is clear. An international parcel to most destinations costs us about 20 USD for the first half kilo. So we can't send a single towerbuster or pendant with free shipping. But for bigger orders it becomes effectively a discount and an incentive.     
    2. The German depot is being phased out because Katharina is not available to do it in the future. In other words, all shipments are from South Africa with DHL now. That is a reliable and fast way to do it. Unfortunately it cannot be tax free to the EU destinations like in the past. (we used to import the goods into Germany and pay the import taxes and duties) But with the saved shipping cost it should work out ok for you.   
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  10. Are you feeling financially abundant?!

    Orgone Energy is nothing more than pure lifeforce energy. And Orgonite serves to harmonise, revitalise and amplify this energy which is inherent in everything. It brings movement into stagnant energy fields, but also acts as a carrier frequency for anything that is added to it, such as crystals, healing herbs – or thought.


    Over time we have found that the addition of crystals, metals, symbols and herbs to the basic Orgonite mixture of resin, metal filings and quartz crystal is incredibly effective and offers a variety of benefits depending on the properties of the ingredients added. For example, shungite adds a strong protective benefit to the overall transformative value of the Orgonite. Orgonite acts like a carrier frequency for whatever else is added to it.


    Because it is such a great energy amplifier, Orgonite isn’t just great for neutralising cellphone towrs or for protecting your home – it’s a fantastic aid in manifesting, visualising and med

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